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It’s pretty much impossible to spend any amount of time with Rachel and Kenny and NOT fall madly in love with them as a couple.  They are just the sweetest duo you’d ever hope to meet.  When we hung out with them in Pittsburgh for their e-session, we totally bonded over our love of dogs (amongst other things), and I knew all the way back then that their wedding day was sure to be AMAZING.  I couldn’t have been more right.  ;)

Rachel and Kenny were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories with us, so that we could share them with all of you.  Look for those throughout the post!!

Rachel:  “Spending time with my bridesmaids beforehand was something I will definitely cherish. They had traveled so far to be with me, and it meant so much that they were all there to support me. We kept the getting-ready room open for some family to stop by, which was really nice. It felt wonderful to spend such an exciting time with so many loved ones.”

Kenny:  “Having my best man bring his physical therapy bands to stretch out my ankle right before I walked down the aisle was pretty hilarious and a pretty stock example of how wonderful our friends and family were the entire weekend (and how clumsy I am).”
Rachel:  “I loved just seeing how beautiful and happy everyone was. Kenny and his boys all looked so handsome! I really couldn’t get over how gorgeous our mothers looked, and how beautiful all my bridesmaids were.”
Kenny:  “My favorite memory by far, and I think most others at the wedding as well, was when the sun came out of the clouds as Rachel took her first step down the aisle.  I’m not a very spiritual person, but that was pretty special.”

Rachel:  “It had been overcast the entire morning, and we weren’t sure if it was going to rain. As soon as I stepped out to start walking, the sun came out! I knew it was my dad letting me know he was there.  My mom walking me down the aisle was something I’ll never forget. I almost tripped and fell several times, but I didn’t care! I was just so happy and proud to walk with her and when she gave me away and hugged the both of us, I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Kenny:  “Rachel’s vows were amazing.  I don’t remember any specific parts, I just remember pulling my vows out and thinking, [Explicative], mine don’t even come close.”
Rachel:  “Saying our vows to each other was an incredible feeling. I was so nervous about that part, but when I saw Kenny I became calm and happy and they came naturally. “
Rachel:  “Our first kiss as husband and wife was really exciting. I remember just grabbing Kenny- I was so excited we were finally married and couldn’t hold back!”
Rachel:  “Listening to everyone’s speeches was really special- there was so much love and laughter! Each speech was fantastic. Kenny’s dad and groomsmen had everyone cracking up, and my new sister gave an amazing speech. My maid of honor’s was so funny and she shared great stories and hopes for our future. “
Kenny:  “The first note of our first dance sticks out.  I have a hard time remembering anything else about the dance itself, but we heard that song so many times for that moment, it was pretty surreal when it was actually happening.”

Rachel:  “The first dance was really fun/funny- our friend had given us dance lessons for a few months before the wedding, and it was a great feeling to do it in front of all of our loved ones (while many of them laughed). We were especially impressed that neither of us fell.”

Rachel:  “The reception was such a blast! There was so much dancing, eating, laughing, and ice luge-ing. It was the best party we’ve ever been to and it felt wonderful to just let loose and celebrate.”

Kenny:  “At one point in the night, the DJ grabbed us and dragged us into the photo booth.  That was the only alone time Rachel and I got all night, and it was one of the only points where I stopped, took a breath, looked at my new wife, and realized it was real and it was coming to a close.”

And, to wrap up the post, here is some awesome advice from our fabulous couple.  :)

Kenny: “If you have an ice luge at your wedding, be mentally prepared for the consequences.”

“More practically, believe people when they say no one will notice the things that go wrong.  I had to limp down the isle, our officiant forgot to have us say our own vows, we forgot part of the ceremony at home, and a million other things went wrong.  Not a soul aside from Rachel and I noticed any of them.”

“Our wedding planner didn’t give out praise easily.  So when she told us that Ben and Jenn were the best in town, we listened.  Their prices are more than competitive and their work speaks for itself. They were easy to work with, fun to be around and enhanced the entire experience for us.”

Rachel:  “Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the planning as much as you can. It can definitely be tedious and it’s so easy to get caught up in minor details that you start to forget the bigger picture. We also worried about how much fun our guests would have, which seems silly looking back- the wedding should be about the two of you. If other people don’t have fun, that’s their own problem!  In addition, a lot of people gave us the same advice which does turn out to be true: every so often, step back and look at your love, and take it all in. Enjoy the day- it will be over in the blink of an eye. Getting a sweet heart table was helpful in that we could finally have a few minutes to ourselves to reflect on everything while we ate.  Finally, don’t forget to laugh at yourself! We had a handful of minor “setbacks” on the day of, but no one really noticed and we were able to laugh them off and continue to enjoy the best day of our lives!”

“We chose to work with Ben and Jenn because they came highly recommended to us by many people, including our wedding planner. As soon as we saw some of their work on their website, we knew they’d be amazing, and we were right! What we especially loved was not having to spend a ton of time taking pictures- we expected that part to be painful but Jenn and Ben made it quick.”


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    Thank you, Kathy!!! You are so kind!! Thanks for taking the time to comment! xoxo

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    Holy gorgeous! What a beautiful couple and it looked like such a fun day! Jenn & Ben you guys keep making these amazing photos-definitely top of the line :). <3-Kathy