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Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays!  It’s definitely been a busy season for us (much busier than we anticipated)!   :)

We had the pleasure of being a part of Sandi and Romie’s awesome Fall wedding in Delaware Park.  Personally, I love October weddings. Even though the weather can be unpredictable, and it might be cold, rainy, or snowy (yes, in Buffalo, anything’s possible), Fall is still my favorite season for weddings (and most things).  I also adore Delaware Park, and anything that has to do with historic Buffalo, so for me, this was a thoroughly enjoyable wedding!

I started out the day with Sandi and her girls at Now Salon on Elmwood Ave, which is such a cool place to get ready for a wedding.

The wedding shoes

Bride at Now Salon on Elmwood Avenue

Up do before the wedding ceremony

The wedding invitations

Black and white wide angle of the Now Salon on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo

Bride getting ready
I love these next two shots SO much.  I stepped outside to get myself ready to shoot Sandi getting into her limo, and the adorable little flower girl tried to follow me out!!  TOO cute!
Excited baby ready for the ceremony
This one is a super-fun shot of the bride taking one last look in the mirror before heading outside, but since I shot it through the glass window, I happened to get the reflection of Elmwood Ave, as well.  AWESOME.
City traffic on Elmwood Avenue from the Now Salon
While I was at the salon, Ben was hanging out with Romie and the guys…

Strolling down the street
…which definitely included a trip to the Thirsty Buffalo for some pre-wedding drinks.  ;)
At the Thirsty Buffalo before the ceremony
Next stop for the guys was Delaware Park!!
Cheers at the Thirsty Buffalo

Men hanging out before the wedding
Sandi and Romie decided to do a “first look,” so they could have all of their formal photos done before the ceremony.  The original plan was to set up either in the rose garden or down by Hoyt Lake, but the weather had other plans; so, we set up in the upper level of the Casino, which ended up being just as nice.  The whole “first look” thing is soooooo much fun…I get so excited when people ask us to set them up!
Hugging before the ceremony

A First Look and final preparations before the wedding
After they took a peek at each other, we did some portraits around the outside of the Casino.  The rain held off just long enough for us to grab a few great shots!
A First Look

Marcy Casino in Delaware Park
The rain moved the ceremony from the Rose Garden to the tent, but when you have a couple who is totally in love (like these two love birds), the location never seems to matter.  :)
Bride walking down the aisle at Marcy Casino in Delaware Park

Bride and groom say their vows during wedding ceremony at Delaware Park

Bride and groom hugging

Bride and groom hugging
A little bit of fancy zooming…
Husband and wife at the Marcy Casino
The reception details were exquisite.  The decor was simple, but the dramatic lighting made everything so elegant!
collage of wedding details from Marcy Casino wedding reception

Seating arrangements at the Reception at the Marcy Casino in Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY

At the Reception at the Marcy Casino in Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY

The white four layer wedding cake in a Buffalo NY wedding

Place card at beach themed wedding

Bride and groom cut the cake and groom takes the first bite of the white four layered wedding cake

Bride and groom cutting the cake

Kiss at the wedding cake in Delaware Park
Two super-cool ring shots (sorry, I just couldn’t decide)!!
Still life photo of wedding rings on Olmstead Book

Still life photo of wedding rings on Versace Book
Some first dance magic…
Bride and groom spinning during first dance

Gazing into one another's eyes during the first dance
…and then, there was one heck of a party, complete with Red Bull and freshly spun cotton candy!!
Maid of honor dances with her husband

Red Bull, cotton candy, at Marcy Casino in Delawar Park wedding

Night shot reflection at the Marcy Casino tent

Gathering at the wedding reception in Delaware Park

Bride throws the bouquet at a wedding reception in Delaware Park

Bride throws the bouquet at a Delaware Park wedding

Guests eating cotton candy at the wedding

Dancing with cotton candy at a Delaware Park wedding

Lauging with cotton candy in a Buffalo NY weddding

Gossiping at a wedding reception in Delaware Park
A lovely shot of the Casino by Ben.  :)
Lake near Marcy Casino in Delaware Park at night

Bride and groom before the night ends
This is just adorable…
Bride and groom kissing Grandma at the wedding reception in Delaware Park in Buffalo NY
We’ll end our post with these two absolutely lovely night portraits of an absolutely lovely couple.  :)
Husband and wife kissing at Marcy Casino in Delaware Park Buffalo NY

Night shot of bride and groom turned husband and wife in Delaware Park

Sandi and Romie – you guys are amazing people. Thank-you so much for choosing us to be a part of your beautiful wedding day…we had a blast! Wishing you both all the best that life has two offer!! :)

  • Annette SAYS...

    Sandi, the pictures are awesome!! I wish I could have been there! Congrats again!

  • miquel SAYS...

    night shots are my favorite!! the thing i notice most about this beautiful couple is their beaming smile! your right, if your in love, the weather doesn’t matter at all! great wedding pics! looks like a fun couple :)