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This is a HUGE post. I tried several times to trim it down, but I just can’t remove anything else! It was a wedding day of epic proportions, and therefore, a huge blog post is, I suppose, only fitting. :)

It’s definitely a little heavy on the ceremony pictures, so please forgive me for that; however, when the ceremony takes place at the Basilica, it’s extremely difficult to hold back from sharing. We are so lucky to have that amazingness right here in Buffalo. People come from all over the world to visit the Basilica, and we feel absolutely honored every time we get to photograph a wedding there. It’s truly a work of art.

Shelley and Jay’s wedding was the first one we’ve ever shot at the Seneca Niagara Casino, so it was definitely very cool to check that out.  What an awesome place for a wedding!  Loved it!  Shelley and her girls spent the night before the wedding at the Casino, so I got to start the day up there in Shelley’s fabulous hotel room!

And to kick off Shelley and Jay’s Top Five Favorite Wedding Day Memories, here’s one from Shelley!!

“I loved waking up in a hotel with all my bridesmaids and a few family members to get ready for the big day. It was nice to have just the girls together getting our hair and make-up done. We had a few mimosas and tried to relax before the big moment.”

Ben started out the day with the guys at Shelley and Jay’s house in Hamburg.  I love that football shot, Ben!

Jason:  “The night before the wedding, hanging out with all my closest friends and family and preparing for the wedding, this inlcuded drinks and some more drinks and of course practicing stupid/awesome dance moves to follow on the dance floor at the reception.”

Shelley:  “I of course loved the moment when I was standing at the beginning of the aisle when I couldn’t see Jason yet. I was so excited to see him standing there at the altar, the only problem was I was a little excited and I walked a little too fast (ran) down the aisle haha! I was even more excited because Jason and I didn’t even talk until we saw each other that day so I couldn’t wait to not only see him, but to talk to him too.”

Jason:  “A big part of our wedding that made it perfect was our location, the Amazing Basilica Church and Stunning Seneca Niagra Casino made our event like no other, it was so magical and perfect it made all of our excpierences during the day even that much more amazing!  And, seeing the most beautiful woman in the world walking down the aisle to marry me – how’d I get so lucky!  Dreams do come true.”

And, cue the over abundance of ceremony photos.  See what I mean, though?  How can you choose?!  What a stunning ceremony this was!!
The priest wore camouflage crocs, which totally made my whole day.  ;)
And then we were off to Goat Island for some photo time!

Shelley:  “Getting on the bus heading to pictures was so much fun!  The stressful part was over and we were able to just relax and have fun. We talked about all the moments leading up to the church then we just danced and had a few drinks.  I truly enjoyed going to do pictures. I like that we did all the bridesmaids and groomsmen and finished up with them, and then we did just pictures of the bride and groom. It was nice to be able to do pictures of the two of us together, alone, while everyone else was on the bus. It was the first time we really got to spend time alone together.”

Shelley has the most amazing smile…it just radiates what a truly happy, joyful woman she is!  She is beautiful inside and out.  :)
Jason:  “One moment that sticks out is during our pictures we decided to take a break and walk down to enjoy the falls, and in the meantime had a group of British bikers doing a documentary who were pretty extreme in insisting that we get in their film.  It was quite funny to be part of their film and also many other random people wanted to take pictures with the beautiful bride and groom, which made us feel very special.  To think that so many people are that excited to be in the presence of love made it that much better.”

Our next and final stop of the day was the Seneca Niagara Casino!  They did such an awesome job – we were super impressed with how elegant the ballroom looked.

Shelley:  “The best part is walking into the reception and see all of your hard work planning come together. We had a blast! Everything looked beautiful, it was perfect. We so enjoyed our reception! We loved every second of it. The worst part was that it was here and gone in one day after all of that planning!”

Shelley and Jay and their wedding party win the prize for most unique intros/entrances EVER.  It was awesome to see, and it really got the crowd excited!!
This is definitely one of my favorite night shots of all time – the colors are incredible and so is this adorable couple!!  
We’ll wrap up the post with a few more words from Shelley and Jay. :)

Jason: “The best time of wedding was when I got to take my beautiful wife into our suite which had the most beautiful view at night and got to relax and enjoy our time together. All we had to worry about at that point was looking forward to our honeymoon trip to Maui, Hawaii, which was worry free! We might have opened some gifts that night in bed too which was fun!! If I can give any advice, it is to just enjoy every second and don’t worry about what’s next. It goes by very fast and you just need to enjoy every moment! There will be things that are unplanned, and when they arise just roll with it – don’t let it ruin your day. All that matters is having a wonderful time with your loved one and nothing should interupt that!”

Shelley: “The best advice I can give is to relax and enjoy the day. You have been planning for this day for months, maybe even years and it’s finally here so enjoy it. All of the kinks have been worked out, everything is paid for, and it’s all about you! There may be some kinks throughout the day but just let them go because no one else will notice it!”

Well said, guys! We couldn’t agree more!!

Shelley and Jay – thank you so much for allowing us to capture these wonderful memories for you! Working with you two was such an awesome experience for us – you are both such kind, genuine, happy people, and we adore you! Hope to see you soon!! Much love, J + B :)

  • K & J Knudson SAYS...

    What a beautiful couple! You both made it look effortless. Congratulations and best wishes in your married life together!

  • Shelley Badagliacca SAYS...

    We absolutely love this, you guys did such an amazing job! It’s nice to look at everything you captured because we didn’t remember a lot of it!! We couldn’t be happier with our decision on having you two as our photographers. We can’t thank you enough!!