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What a happy day this was! Steph and Jared are super cute and SO in love, and it was an honor for us to capture their wedding day!!  :)  These two cuties were kind enough to share some of their favorite memories of the day with us, so look for those throughout the post!

Both Ben and I started out the day at  Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo.  I hung out with Steph and the girls, and Ben with Jared and the guys.  It was a wonderfully relaxing morning full of laughter and fun!  Watching Stephanie open her wedding day present from Jared was just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen – nice job, Jared!

Stephanie:  “My mother gave me a ring of my Grandmother’s to wear that day. Every time I looked down at it that night, I knew she was there with us.”
Stephanie:  “Jared and I did a hidden first look before the ceremony. We were able to keep the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, but still had a chance to talk to each other. His voice and touch put me into a complete calm for our big day, and I’m so happy we had those few moments together.”

I love this shot of Steph!!
Jared:  “My best man Ronnie did an awesome job of keeping everyone on the dance floor and entertained. Watching him sing ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ to all of our guests might have been the funniest moment of the night!”  

Hahahaha!!  Yeah…Ronnie kept us all entertained all day.  ;)

The ceremony was at Christ the King Chapel on the Canisius College Campus.  It was our first time shooting there – what a gorgeous little church!  Loved it!
Stephanie:  “Before the church doors opened, I had a couple minutes alone in the vestibule with my Dad. Even though we were minutes away from it all, we were able to take a breath and relax; even if it was just for a few short minutes.”
Jared:  “Watching Stephanie walk down the aisle and seeing how beautiful she looked was a feeling I’ll never forget. I remember thinking how lucky I am that she’s mine forever.”
Stephanie:  “After the ceremony, we had the chance to say hello to our guests as they left the church. Seeing all those red eyes and being wrapped in so many hugs was when I realized how special this day was for us. To have all the people you love in the same place at the same time, all to celebrate the love you have- THAT was the best feeling of all!”
After the ceremony, we did a few fun shots in the quad…
Then, we made our way over to Forest Lawn for a few more!  It was raining at this point, but no one cared and you can’t even tell – our kind of peeps!!  ;)
Before heading into the reception at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, we hit up this awesome brick wall for a few more shots of our gorgeous bride and groom.  I LOVE these!!!
Jared:  “Being introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Smith at our reception was an awesome feeling. I think that was when we both knew it was time to get the party started!”
Stephanie:  “Our dance floor will always be unforgettable for me. Watching our friends and family have such a great time an amazing feeling… I remember that night was like a fairytale; I didn’t want it to end!”

Jared:  “Dancing to the last song of the night was unforgettable. The room was so alive and everyone was jumping up and down so our DJ tried to hold his system up to stop the music from skipping. It was great! I’m so thankful everyone had such a good time and stayed until the very end.”

Jared:  “I loved sneaking away with Stephanie to take some more intimate pictures around Buffalo at night. It was nice to be able to actually have some time when it was just she and I.”
Here’s some super great wedding advice from Steph and Jared! Thanks for sharing, guys!

“The buildup the week before is very stressful and you probably won’t stop running and trying to get every final detail in place. Don’t stress too much about the small stuff and don’t worry if everything isn’t perfect because your friends and family truly love you and they’ll be there to celebrate the two of you not the little details. Give yourself time to relax the day or two before your big day. Those are going to be the busiest days of your planning, so be sure to make time for yourself and try not to stress. Get a massage, have dinner with your guests who are in town, or just spend some time doing something you love. Take time to reflect on the journey that brought you here and the one that’s yet to come!”

Steph and Jared – thank you both SO MUCH for choosing us to capture these wonderful memories for you! It has been a pleasure to get to know you both – you’re an amazing couple! We wish you a lifetime full of happiness and love!! Your pals, J + B :)