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Katie and Kevin are huge Sabres fans, and wanted to incorporate some Buffa-love into their session, so we met up in front of the HSBC Arena to grab some fun, hockey-themed shots.  I honestly love every single one.  :)

engagement photos of a happy couple kissing in front of HSBC Arena
A little hockey action!  AWESOME.  :)
black and white candid shot of engaged couple in front of the Buffalo Sabres arena

engagement photos at HSBC Arena with artistic blurring

engagement photos at HSBC arena of a couple wearing their Buffalo Sabres jerseys

engaged couple kissing shot through a Buffalo Sabres goalie statue
The “strip” right behind the Arena has some really cool old buildings and textures to play with…LOVE this next shot!
engagement session in downtown Buffalo by Ayres Photography

Nikon 24mm tilt shift engagement photo

black and white engagement photo taken in downtown Buffalo NY

gorgeous couple poses for engagement photo in Buffalo NY
Katie saw this truck parked down the street from where we were shooting, and she was like, “Can we get a shot next to the beer truck?”  HECK to the YES.  ;)
engaged couple poses for a photo in front of a beer truck
Our next stop was the Buffalo waterfront/marina area where this awesome giant globe of metal artwork lives.  We actually have a beautiful picture of this globe thingy hanging in our house.  (It’s where Ben and I had our first “unofficial” date, and the next time I saw him after that, he handed me a 4×6 copy of a beautiful sunset shot that he had taken of the exact spot where we sat…right next to the globe thingy.  Naturally, I was totally smitten with this romantic gesture, and had the photo enlarged to hang on my wall.  Isn’t that the most adorable thing ever?  Ahhhh, the early years.)  This is probably my favorite shot of Ben’s from the session…there’s just so much to love about it.
awesome black and white engagement photo taken at the Buffalo waterfront
It was totally overcast throughout the entire session, except for like 5 minutes when a tiny bit of blue sky made a brief appearance.  So glad we caught it!
gorgeous couple kisses during their engagement session with Ayres Photography
Katie, you are absolutely STUNNING!!
black and white engagement photography by Jenn and Ben Ayres

a couple holds each other and laughs during their engagement photo session at the Buffalo NY waterfront

gorgeous black and white engagement photo of a couple kissing taken by Ayres Photography

engagement photography of a couple snuggling in a flower garden in downtown Buffalo NY
LOVE this shot of Ben’s too!!
black and white photo of a soon to be married couple during their engagement session
engagement photo of a happy couple sitting on a park bench in downtown Buffalo NY

black and white candid engagement photography by Jenn and Ben Ayres
Another brief appearance of blue sky + a parking lot full of school buses + a smokin’ hot couple = major WIN!!
artistic engagement photo of a couple standing in the middle of a row of school buses

Katie and Kevin – you guys were so much fun to hang out with (and sooooo easy to photograph with your super-photogenic faces)!! Can’t wait to do this again at the wedding!! See you soon! :)

  • Nancy Richards SAYS...

    Love them all!! Already tearing up seeing how happy you make Kevin, Katie and he is SMILING like he is making up for 27 years of not liking to smile!!!Can’t wait for the wedding!! Love you guys!!

  • Melissa SAYS...

    I love the pics! I like the ones by the water!

  • Taunja SAYS...

    The pics are great. You both look awesome and so happy. So in love.. <3 <3<3.. So happy for both of you..

  • Katie SAYS...

    I LOVE the hockey shots and the beer truck is perfect! Looking forward to seeing them all:-)