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*Note – We’ve been shooting/editing/designing non-stop lately, and have therefore fallen slightly behind with our blogging. We want to thank everyone for their patience as we bust our tails to catch up!!!

There’s something that’s both comforting and terrifying (at the same time) about being the photographers chosen to shoot the wedding of another duo of wedding photographers, but overall, we are honored that they entrusted us with the responsibility, and we totally look forward to giving them amazing photos to document their special day. :)

Dylan and Robyn are our “photographer friends,” who own/run Onion Studio in Buffalo – they are fabulous photographers, and just awesome people in general. From the moment it was planned, we were so looking forward to shooting their engagement session. Not only are they super in-love and adorable around each other, but they also understand what it’s like to be on our side of the camera (huge bonus); so, we knew they’d be easy to work with, and they definitely lived up to our expectations!!

The first location they chose was Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga. We had never been there before, but, as it turns out, it’s a great spot for engagement photos…all sorts of gorgeous nature and fun stuff to work with!

Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga NY is a great location for engagement photography

using natural frames in engagement and portrait photography

engaged couple sitting under a tree for a passionate engagement photo

couple sitting on bench for engagement photos in Stiglmeier Park

couple sitting on wooden bench at Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga NY

classic engagement photo poses
This one ranks pretty high on my running list of FAVORITE SHOTS I’VE EVER TAKEN.  I love everything about this shot, but I especially love that there’s a giant sun flare spot perfectly highlighting them…totally SWEET.
engaged couple dances on boardwalk at Stiglmeier Park caught up in a ray of light

engaged couple kisses during engagement photo session at Stiglmeier Park
I love the lines in this shot…
posing for an engagement photo on the wooden steps at Stiglmeier Park
So, after the park, we headed over to Woodlawn Beach, which is by far one of our favorite places to take pictures.  In the winter, we take our dog for walks there, and take pictures of the frozen lake…well, mostly Ben takes pictures of the frozen lake, as I am bundled up in 20 layers of clothing and a snowsuit, but anyway, we go there a lot.  I adore this shot of Ben’s…
Woodlawn Beach in Buffalo NY is a great location for engagement photography
We played around for a bit with the lockers inside the main building at Woodlawn…
the lockers at Woodlawn Beach make a great spot for wedding photos
Then, it was off to take full advantage of the amazing sunset!
engaged couple poses for a photo in the tall grasses at Woodlawn Beach
I am in love with this shot of Ben’s!  What a perfect looking couple!!  Seriously, you could be a magazine ad…
couple laying in tall grasses at Woodlawn Beach posing for engagement photo

using off camera flash at sunset delivers amazing results

engagement photo session at Woodlawn Beach in Buffalo NY off camera lighting
Dylan very bravely climbed up this random wobbly pile of tires on the beach, which allowed me to capture the following AMAZING-NESS:
engagement photos shot at sunset using a pile of old tires
I love all of the sunset shots so much…I won’t even try to choose a favorite.
portraits of bride's tattoo shot at sunset

engaged couples exchanges a loving glance during their photo session at Woodlawn Beach

beautiful posed photo of engaged couple at Woodlawn Beach

photo of bride and groom walking hand in hand at sunset at Woodlawn Beach
Our last stop of the evening was downtown Buff to give our couple a few shots with a “city” feel.  We’ve been rather obsessed with colored lights lately, and Dylan and Robyn were kind enough to let us get all kinds of crazy with colors!  :)
engagement photo session in downtown Buffalo at night

couples poses for a fun engagement photo in front of the Squeaky Wheel theater in downtown Buffalo NY

Robyn and Dylan – thanks so much for hanging out with us for photos (and pizza)! We had a great time with you, and we’re totally looking forward to the wedding! You two are the BEST!! Talk to you soon! :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! We’re definitely looking forward to having you two do some pics of us…now if we could only find some free time…hmmmmm ;)

    We’ll be in touch soon!

  • Robyn SAYS...

    Dylan and I had a great time with Jen & Ben. It was a great experience to be on the other side and we felt very relax and still had so much fun. You guys were easy to work with and we both felt like we got a long well. We can’t wait to see the rest, but we already have favorites from the few that are on here. We are so excited for the wedding day, it is sneaking up so fast. Thanks again so much guys, now we just have to schedule your shoot with us. ~Dylan & Robyn