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This was such a fun shoot! I know I’ve mentioned this many times before, but we absolutely love it when we get to shoot in places that we’ve never been. We always push ourselves to be as creative as possible, no matter where we are, but there’s just something about shooting in a brand new place. It’s like a blank canvas…unexplored territory, and we love that sort of thing. ;)

Stacy and Ben are one of our fabulous 2012 couples, and we just adore them! Actually, they’re our very first wedding of 2012…they’re getting married next weekend, and we are so looking forward to it!  We met up with them in Rochester for their e-shoot, because they had some pretty special locations picked out.  The first one was Dinosaur Barbecue, and we were sooooo psyched about it!  Dino BBQ is kind of a “cornerstone” of Stacy and Ben’s relationship, so it made complete sense for it to be one of their photo locations.  If you’ve been there, then you can probably imagine how exciting it would be to photograph this place.  The best part of all was that Stacy and Ben totally hooked us up, and got us in there before the restaurant opened.  We had the place all to ourselves…it was amazing!!

I want to point out which of these are my top favorites from the shoot, like I usually do, but I honestly can’t this time.  I love every single shot we took at Dino.  Stacy and Ben were so relaxed right from the start…they were super fun to shoot!
Seriously…this place was amazing to shoot.  What are those things??  Wild boar?  Really?  COME. ON.  I loved every minute of it.
HOLY. CRAP.  I love these two crazy kids so much.
We took a few shots around the outside of Dino (it’s an awesome building, inside and out), and then Stacy did a quick outfit change before we began our trek around the city of Rochester.  :)
We know very little about Rochester at all, but Ben is from there, so he knew about this incredible place.  Talk about an adventure!!  This was one we’ll never forget.  Apparently, Rochester used to have a subway.  (Who knew??)  But, it was abandoned and the tracks were removed, but the tunnels are still there, and they are loaded with some of the most unbelievable graffiti art we’ve ever seen.  It’s very cool to shoot this place, but let me tell you…you have to actually GO there to get the full experience (i.e. read all of the very interesting messages scrawled on the walls, stroll through pitch dark parts of the tunnels with unidentifiable odors wafting into your nostrils, etc.).  Trust me…if you wake up one morning and decide that you need to have an adventure, this is the place.
We all kind of loved this one.  It’s so…..interesting.  If you’d like to offer your interpretation of what the h is going on in this painting, please feel free.  ;)  I actually just noticed right now, that it says “$7” in the bottom right hand corner.  $7 for what, exactly??  We will never know.
This was toward the darker end of the tunnel, where I started to get scared, and no one else did.  I hate it when that happens.  I am glad that I was heckled, however, because I love this shot. 
The night they got engaged, Stacy and Ben went to a concert at the Blue Cross Arena, so we had to grab a shot with it in the background.  :)  I love that this captures how windy it was in there!!  
We made it all the way to the other end of the tunnel, and had some fun with this oddly placed platform for a while.
Can I just say again how excited we are to shoot these two again this weekend?  Suuuuuuper photogenic.  ;)
After the whole subway tunnel thing, we hit up a few more spots around the city of Rochester.  I love these next two shots!!
This one was by request, and in my head I was kind of like, “Hmmmm…how the frick am I going to make these giant, reeking cauldrons of Genny look cool?”  But, whatever…I’m totally in love with this shot.  TOTALLY.
We had so much fun adventuring with Stacy and Ben, and if we had just packed up and drove home at the end of the shoot, it would have been a perfect day.  But, instead, we all headed back to Dino to have a ridiculously delicious meal, which made it more than perfect.  One of my favorite days EVER.  :)

Stacy and Ben – thank you so much for hanging out with us in Roch, and showing us such amazing places! It truly was an adventure! We had such a great time!! Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend! Winter wedding, here we come! Much love, J + B :)

  • Stacy SAYS...

    Jenn & Ben! Where did you find these 2 “stunt doubles” to shoot!!! I can’t even believe that it’s us!!! These are great!!! Totally worth the wait! I don’t think the e-shoot should be called “practice for the wedding” because I don’t see how it could get better! Thank you Thank you!!!!