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Alex and Ron are an incredibly sweet couple.  Their love for each other and for their darling little boy, Mason, was an absolute joy to capture.  It was definitely a wedding day that we were honored to be a part of!  :)

I started out the day with Alex and the girls at Russell’s Grand Hotel.  It had been raining all day, so I knew we weren’t going to be able to grab any outdoor shots of Alex before the ceremony, but since we had the time to spare and she looked so ridiculously stunning, I had to take a few somewhere!  In a way, I’m kind of glad it was raining that day, because if not, I never would have taken that shot of Alex in the hotel bar, and that shot will forever be one of my all time favorites.  Even though the bar was busy, and there was very little space to work with, Hector and I worked as a team and together, we produced some fabulous, creatively lit shots that I’m very proud of.  I love it when that happens!

As soon as it was time to head over to the ceremony, the sun came out and Alex was all smiles!  :)

Ron:  “Watching her walk down the aisle to me was an amazing feeling.  It drove me crazy all day wondering what she was going to look like!”
Alex:  “My favorite moment was walking down the aisle after the ceremony.  Knowing we were finally married and could enjoy the rest of the night knowing we have each other for eternity was such a great feeling.”
Ron:  “My favorite moment was our first dance – our song describes our relationship perfectly.”
Alex:  “I had so much fun dancing with my dad, we laughed the entire time; I barely heard the song playing!”
We were able to steal these two love birds away for just a few minutes for some gorgeous night shots!  Love these!!!

Alex and Ron – thank you both so much for choosing us to be your wedding photographers! Your little family of three is just the sweetest thing, and we’re so, so happy to have met you! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!! J + B :)

  • Kathleen Marie SAYS...

    That hotel bar shot of her in her beautiful dress is amazing. Also, those night shots of the two of them with the lights are gorgeous!