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This summer, we spent Independence Day in the Big Apple, to photograph Alicia and Adam’s Brooklyn wedding!!  It was a fast-paced, NYC style, high energy, rip roaring good time, and we were honored to be a part of it!  Alicia and Adam are one of those awesome couples who said “to hell with tradition – we’re doing things OUR way,” and they made their wedding day exactly what they wanted it to be.  We LOVE that mentality, because really, at the end of the day, the whole celebration is about the two of you, and the love you share, which is different from that of any other couple in the whole wide world.  So, why shouldn’t you celebrate your love in whatever way YOU choose?  :)

Alicia and Adam were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories with us, so we can share them with all of you!  Look for those throughout the post!!

Alicia:  “I spent the morning and afternoon with my mom and bridesmaids. I couldn’t have been surrounded by more supportive, loving women, and yet I was so incredibly nervous (about everything going right – not about marrying Adam!) that I wasn’t really enjoying myself as much as I would have preferred. It honestly wasn’t until we got to the ceremony venue and I heard Adam’s voice that all the nervousness melted away. That’s why I will never forget the moment just before I walked down the aisle, when he stood on the other side of the door and held my hand while I gave him his gift (a copy of our wedding song lyrics, signed by the artist!).”
Adam:  “I will never forget the moment I got up on stage with my groomsmen and Scott (our fantastic officiant) while waiting for Alicia to walk down the aisle. It was surreal to look around and see the end result of all of the chaos and hard work we had put in over the past year, and so amazing to see all of our closest friends and family gathered in one place for us.”

Adam:  “And then, that moment when I saw Alicia start to come down our makeshift aisle was incredible. She was so beautiful and looked so excited. I had no idea what her dress was going to look like, and to see her in it for the first time walking toward the stage was a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Alicia:  “The dinosaur story was definitely a highlight for us. Adam bought me the book for Valentine’s Day several years ago, and it so perfectly described our dynamic and personalities that it easily became one of my favorite gifts he ever gave me. We were excited to incorporate it into our ceremony, but wanted to add something unique and memorable to the moment. Nobody knew that we planned to wear dinosaur masks (and I honestly wasn’t sure how we were going to pull it off without some help!) Luckily, Adam had stashed them off stage and grabbed them just when the reading was about to start, so we were able to surprise everyone with something a little out of the ordinary.”

Alicia:  “I loved that we wrote our own vows. Unfortunately, when it was my turn to speak, I got so nervous that I completely abandoned what I had written! I started rambling about all sorts of stuff that was not even remotely close to what I had originally planned to say! Later that evening, Adam assured me that – somewhere in all of the babbling – I still conveyed the sentiment that I intended – that I love him to pieces and, in good times and in bad, I can’t stand the thought of not having him around me.”

Alicia:  “I had the hottest bridesmaids in the game! The pin-up dresses looked adorable on them, and I loved seeing my vision for them come together!  I absolutely loved my wedding dress. It was handmade for me by Dara Rosen, a then-recent graduate from Pratt who is now well on her way to being one of the greatest dress designers in the business! I really loved the idea of working one-on-one with a Brooklyn-based designer, and was particularly interested in finding someone fresh out of school. After a bit of googling, I came across Dara.  She was exactly what I was looking for in every possible way. I feel so fortunate that she responded to my odd Linkedin message and agreed to meet with me over coffee to discuss the possibilities.  On top of being one of the most talented people I have ever met, she is genuine and kind. I am lucky to now be able to call her my friend (and when she makes it big someday, to be among the first to have a Dara Rosen original). 

Adam:  “I loved spending the morning and afternoon with my groomsmen. We bonded over dim sum in Chinatown that morning, and then headed to our venue to set up and decorate. They have been such a huge part of my life for so long and it was awesome to spend that time with them, while knowing that in a few hours they’d be standing by my side during the biggest moment in my life.”

Adam:  “And I will never forget….the party. Honestly, all we wanted was to throw a really great party – one where we got to celebrate what all of these important people in our lives have meant to us as much as they were celebrating our marriage. That’s why we had a cocktail party instead of a sit-down dinner, and why we kicked off the dancing early and kept it going right ’til the end. And I like to think the fact that the night culminated with us crowd surfing on top of our friends and family (at their request!) means that it was a success!”

Alicia:  “I will never forget our last song of the night (The Killers – ‘All These Things That I Have Done’) and the moment when I realized that everyone was cheering for us to stage dive! I was absolutely terrified, but knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to to end the night by crowd surfing in my wedding gown!”

And, to wrap up the post, here is a bit of fantastic wedding planning advice from our fab couple, A + A:

Adam:  “Planning a wedding is more work than I ever could have imagined, and Alicia especially worked non-stop on ours  But everything they say is true – experiencing the end result, seeing your vision come to life and having everyone you love there for it is just incredible.  So my advice is that, through all of the planning (as stressful as it may be), you should keep in mind that there is a pretty special light at the end of the tunnel.”

Alicia:  “Delegate! I didn’t, but should have! Also, everything you hear about how quickly it’s all over is absolutely true. You pour your heart and soul into something for a year. Then comes the craziest whirlwind of a day you’ve ever experienced. Then, seemingly just as quickly as it all started, the DJ announces that it’s time for the “last song” of the night! The good news is that you are now married to that person you love desperately. The bad news is that you might have trouble remembering what exactly transpired over that crazy day/night/weekend if you don’t take a few moments to really “take it all in.” It’s a cliche (and I don’t typically like cliches) but it’s absolutely true. We tried to take little “mental snapshots” as much as possible throughout the night, and would definitely tell others to do the same.  Oh, and if all the people you love most in the world are encouraging you to jump off of a stage into their arms, they probably intend to catch you, so I say go for it!”

Many thanks to Jenn and Ben for their awesome talent and their love and support along this crazy journey of ours.”

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