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Andrea and Pat’s wedding day was heaps of fun for us!  For starters, it was at our all time favorite venue, Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards.  We were lucky enough to be able to shoot there four times this summer, and it just never gets old.  From the scenery to the awesome people who run it to the overall laid-back vibe, we love everything about that place!  Spending the day with a super fun couple like Andrea and Pat in one of our favorite locations made us smile from start to finish.

I started out the day with Andrea and the girls in Williamsville, while Ben and Hector were with Pat and the guys out in Lockport.  Then, we all met up at Becker Farms for one of the sweetest, most emotional and love-filled first looks that I’ve ever had the pleasure to capture!  Andrea and Pat were (of course) kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories, so make sure you read them!  They’re super adorable.  ;)

Andrea:  “I was calm all morning getting ready with my girls, but when we arrived at Becker Farms and Jenn led me to where Pat was waiting, so much emotion rose up and hit me. We were finally together on the biggest day of our lives, and it was a really dramatic moment that I will never forget.”

Pat:  “Seeing Andrea for the first time. She looked beautiful and stunning, and from the moment I saw her, all of my nerves and butterflies immediately went away.”

After the first look, we gathered up the wedding party and headed over to the Lockport Locks area for some photo time!  On our way back over to Becker Farms, we stopped off at our favorite “ruins” for a few shots.  ;)
Andrea:  “Before the ceremony I got to take a peek at the cocktail area and reception, and I felt so good about all the work I had done. I poured my heart into the décor and all the “little touches.” It was a relief to see my vision for the last 2 years finally become reality.”
I love this shot Ben grabbed from behind the ceremony!  So gorgeous!
Andrea:  “Having my brother officiate was one of the best decisions we had made. He was out of the country until 2 days before the wedding with no internet access for 2 weeks before the wedding, and we didn’t actually see him until the rehearsal. I was nervous. He surprised us with a beautiful reading, and he made it feel so personal and special. There’s a photo of us during the ceremony where I am placing Pat’s ring on the wrong finger, I couldn’t help but laugh, and Eric is giving Pat the same look he’s given me many, many times!”

Pat:  “Andrea’s brother was our officiant. It was his first time conducting a ceremony, and he did a remarkable job. My co-workers still come up to me and say how great he was and how natural he looked and spoke while performing the ceremony. The words he read and the way he took us through the ceremony was PERFECT.”

Pat:  “We had one of our friends play his guitar for our ceremony music, and he did a fantastic job. After the ceremony he came up to us and presented us with the guitar he used, on which he had written a special message to us. We lost it! It was the best wedding present!”
After the ceremony and all of the family photos, we got to take A and P out into the vineyard for a few more portraits, and I love them (the photos AND the people in them)!
Pat:  “Our best man and maid of honor toasts. We actually expected them to be really heavy and emotional, and we even joked that we’ll just wear earplugs and watch the video later! Both did a great job, and many people have commented to us on how beautiful their toasts were. They are big reasons why we are the couple we are today, and it showed through in their speeches. Thanks again Don and Kait!”
Andrea:  “My dad is the quietest, most reserved person I’ve ever known. The last few years he let me grow up and be independent, and I always thought of myself as his exact opposite. During our dance he admitted how nervous he was, and we just talked and observed everyone enjoying the wedding. I think for many brides the father-daughter dance is about reflecting on the past and letting go, but for me that moment really made me appreciate him more and I realized how alike we really are!”
After the formal dances were finished, we grabbed our gorgeous couple and dashed out into a field to capture the beautiful sunset.  Andrea kept on dancing while we set up our lighting.  ;)

Pat:   “The getaway car! Andrea surprised me with a bad ass 1960 white Rolls Royce that picked us up from the reception and took us back to our hotel. Awesome way to drive off in style on our big day!”

Andrea:  “That car was heaven. We sunk into those seats, closed our eyes and talked about the whole day. I’m so glad we had that time to ourselves, and the fact that I was able to keep the car a surprise to Pat was a bonus.”

 We asked Andrea and Pat to share some wedding related advice and/or any comments they might have about the planning process in general, and this is what they gave us! Thanks so much for sharing, guys!! Your advice is so perfect, and we couldn’t agree with you more about the first look! :)

Do first look pictures…especially if you are nervous! It makes the ceremony go smoother and you get a chance to take most of your photos before the ceremony and reception! Stay in the moment. If you’re a planner, it’s easy to think two steps ahead and worry about what’s going to happen with the flowers, the groomsmen, the cake, and the dance. If you do that, the day will be over before you know it. Enjoy your moments with the people you’ve chosen to surround yourself with, and you won’t feel like you missed out on anything. We were so lucky to have the freedom to make our wedding day our own. It was wonderful to honor our close friends and family members in non-traditional ways. Our favorite non-wedding day moment was reading the guest books the day after the wedding. There were so many thoughtful words of wisdom, serious and funny. It was fun to guess who wrote what. I love having a little series of guest books as a nod to where we met.”

Andrea and Pat – thank you so much for choosing us to document your stunning wedding day! We had a wonderful time! Couples like you, who make us smile, laugh, and completely forget that we’re on our feet for 12 hours straight are the kind of couples we hope to always have the pleasure of working with!! We wish you guys many, many, many wonderful married years together! Much love, J + B :)

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks, Jennifer! The ruins are in Gasport, NY, just down the road from Becker Farms. :)

  • Jennifer SAYS...

    Gorgeous work!! Where are those “ruins???”

  • Mike SAYS...

    Love the night shot in the field! Great wedding!!!

  • Andrea Bradley SAYS...

    These pictures are gorgeous! I love them all and can’t wait to put the album together. Thanks again Ayres & Hector!

  • Valerie Bosket SAYS...

    What an awesome job, my son and his wife look so wonderful and happy in these pictures, made me tear up again looking at them!
    Great Job!

  • Irina SAYS...

    Beautiful as always! I always love seeing photos of weddings at the vineyard. It’s one of my favorite “Buffalo/NY” venues. You two do such a fantastic job!

  • Patrick Bradley SAYS...

    wow! Love these, you guys did a great job, cant wait to see the rest! Thanks again!

  • erin SAYS...

    These are gorgeous and there are so many that capture pat and andrea’s personalities perfectly!!! amazing job!!