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Welcome to 2013!! I took a little blogging hiatus to enjoy the holidays (and, unfortunately, to recover from the flu), but I’m back in action and have LOADS of gorgeous images to share with our lovely readers, starting with Ashley and Pete’s adorable little wedding at Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards. :)

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, then you already know that our love of Becker Farms is no secret. We love everything about it – the food, the atmosphere, the people who run it – everything about it is amazing. We were extra excited to learn that they are expanding, too! Hopefully, that means that we’ll be spending even more time there!! Ashley and Pete were kind enough to share some of their favorite wedding day memories (including a review of the incredible food at Becker Farms), so look for those throughout the post!

Pete:  “One memory comes from going with my Best Man to pick-up the girls’ flowers.  They were delivered to the reception site and we were bringing them to the first site for pictures where we would meet the rest of the wedding party, and I would see my bride for the first time in her wedding gown.  We had chosen to have our photos taken before the ceremony which I would recommend to any couple getting married for multiple reasons (see ADVICE below).  It was a very hot day and the flowers needed to be in water when they were not in use to prevent wilting.  So, we pulled the car up and were struggling to find ways the get all the bouquets, each in their own vase of water, packed in the car without ruining the flowers or spilling the water everywhere.  As my best man and I were bringing the flowers out to the car, I set a couple of the vases on the ground to reorganize and when I bent down, I discovered my future wife’s wedding band on the ground, 6″ from a storm drain that we had parked next to.  So I did what anyone else in that situation would do – put the ring in my pocket, finished loading the flowers, then when we got in the car asked him, ‘You still got the ring, right?’  The look on his face was priceless.  I handed him the ring…AGAIN…and we drove off to meet the wedding party.  He made up for it with a home run of a toast at the reception.”
Ashley:  “Since we decided to take most of our pictures before the ceremony and reception I’m glad that we took the time to still capture a ‘first look.’ I don’t think we would have ever thought about it until Jenn and Ben recommended it – at first I thought we could just do it at the hotel, but we were able to coordinate it to be done at the ‘ruins’.”

Pete:  “Seeing my beautiful wife for the first time in her dress was certainly a memory that I will never forget.  One that is burned in my mind, however, one that I simply can’t put into words.”

Pete:  “Ashley and I were somewhat calm but still both a little nervous with family and guests yet to arrive and of course the ceremony.  We were both put at ease hanging out with great, lifelong friends in the wedding party during pictures before the ceremony.  It was a very hot day and the guys had all taken off their jackets to try and cool down between photos.  We needed everyone for the next shot, so all the guys put their jackets back on and one friend (who I played football with growing up, one of the bigger guys in our wedding party) was last to put his jacket on.  When he couldn’t even get one arm in a sleeve, he said, “I think someone has my jacket.”  We all looked around and I yelled out, ‘Look at Justin!’  The smallest guy in our wedding party had on what looked like trench coat and not once thought anything was out of place.  We all burst out laughing!!”
Ashley:  “Throughout the entire day, we tried to make everything scream ‘us’ and the ceremony was no exception – from the type of music we chose, to the procession, to the actual celebration it was exactly what we had hoped for.  I think the real reason why a father walks his daughter down the aisle is so she actually gets down there in one piece – without my father cracking a few jokes and holding on to me I would have been bawling all the way down.  As for the ceremony, all I remember was being up on the altar with Pete, holding on to him for dear life and never wanting to let him go.  I don’t remember specifically who was in the audience  but for that moment it didn’t even matter.  The readings and readers we chose were perfect, straight to the point and entertaining – and representative of us.”
Ashley:  “If anyone knows me, they know how much I love food.  When we found Becker Farms, we knew it was perfect – winery, brewery, and a 100-mile radius menu, which means fresh, locally grown food!  ALL of the food was awesome but the real stars for me were the BBQ chicken and pesto alfredo pasta, which all of our guests continue to rave about – wish I could have gone up for 2nds, 3rds and maybe even 4ths!”
Ashley:  “At the time I thought that we would miss something at the reception when Jenn and Ben pulled us away for a few minutes here and there, but I’m so glad that they did.  We were able to literally take a step back from the chaos of the reception and our guest and enjoy those moments with each other.”
Ashley:  “One of things most people don’t know is that before we officially booked Becker Farms we made sure that our DJ, DJ Naps, was available, and thank god that he was.  I had only seen him perform once, live, before the wedding but from the meetings we had with him I knew he was the right guy for the job.  Although we knew we had the best DJ we could find, we were still a little worried about our guests getting up and dancing – it was a Friday night and some people put in a full day of work before joining us for the wedding.  But DJ Naps, and our friends and family did not disappoint.  Somewhat early in the night my 14 year old cousin (Allison), and one of the best men (Nate) squared off for a dance-off!  I also can never forget the sporadic double-dutch nearing the end of the night!”

Pete:  “We wanted our wedding to be one big party in a relaxed setting with great friends and family, and it was exactly that and more, all because of DJ Naps with Breakthrough Entertainment.  The play list was everything we wanted from our generation, but mixed in a way that even the older crowd (who often frown upon ‘our music’) couldn’t help but get up and dance.  The dance floor was packed with guests from 8 to 78 years in age all night long!  I think it’s only natural for a bride and groom to wonder if people will dance and have a good time; with DJ Naps running the show the thought never crossed our minds and I couldn’t imagine a wedding without him!”

Pete:  “Our photographers, Jenn and Ben, were our support system through out the whole day all while capturing the biggest day in our life.  When all eyes were on us, they kept us relaxed which enabled us to truly enjoy the day.  I’ve been in weddings where the photographer(s) got all stressed out and it showed, making it difficult for everyone.  They were another perfect piece to our puzzle and not just there for support but great at what they do.  It was because of their professionalism and finished product that ultimately led us to choose the reception venue that we did.”
And, we’ll wrap up the post with some super helpful wedding planning advice from Ashley and Pete!

“Determine what is most important to you, and concentrate on those things – from there everything falls into place. Do what you want to do for your wedding day, not what everyone wants/expects you to do. It’s your day. Work as a team. This might be the first, and biggest project you have to work on together. Plus, you get to spend lots of time with the person you are planning on spending the rest of your life with.”

“Do your wedding party photos BEFORE the ceremony!! It takes the edge off and helps put the bride and groom a little more at ease so you’re not a nervous wreck with hundreds of eyes on you. It allowed us to enjoy the cocktail hour following the ceremony! We didn’t have to go table to table during dinner to thank everyone for coming because we had done it over drinks during the cocktail hour; and, it allowed the guests to go right to the reception following the ceremony without a huge gap in between. If you’re not hell bent on the groom seeing the bride for the first time in the traditional setting at the altar, we HIGHLY recommend doing this. Jenn and Ben did a remarkable job at capturing a ‘first-look’ shot of us seeing each other for the first time, so we were still able to get that reaction picture and were able to have a cool setting too.”

Ashley and Pete – thank you so much for choosing us to be your wedding photographers! Working with you both has been a wonderful experience!! Thank you for your kind words, too! It means so much to us to know that we helped you relax and enjoy your day. I can’t think of a better compliment!! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness! J + B :)

  • Chris SAYS...

    Ashley is a lovely woman, and she and husband Pete appear to be warm, friendly people. Your work reflected their approach to the wedding and to their family and friends. A fine job of photography.

  • Mike SAYS...

    Love Becker Farms! Great job Jenn and Ben!