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It’s not every day that we get to work with a couple who met back way back in the 7th grade. It’s even more rare that, back in the 7th grade, one of them had just transferred from South Korea, barely spoke English, and then (somehow) worked up enough nerve to give the other her first kiss by the following year. Yet, that is the exact story for Brooke and Lee! They didn’t start exclusively dating until their senior year of high school, and shortly after, Lee was obligated to serve in the Korean military for 2 years, during which time he and Brooke were barely able to communicate. They most often resorted to the old romance of handwritten letters. It’s a wonder that they not only stayed together during this time, especially being so young, but that it was this specific experience that helped them both to realize that they wanted to be together forever. Is there anything sweeter than that??

Lee proposed to Brooke on a beach in Busan, South Korea and the couple had their small and intimate ceremony there, choosing to throw an elegant “after the wedding” party back in the States a few months later. With help from Syrie Roman of Social Maven Event Planning, Brooke and Lee put together an exceptional outdoor soiree for 100 friends and family members. Syrie was able to find the perfect balance of simple, understated elegance. Seriously, guys, it was all so special! We’re endlessly grateful that Brooke and Lee chose us to document this amazing celebration of their unique love story.

Brooke: “I started browsing online to see what style dress I liked, and came across Lihi Hod – I completely fell in love with her elegant bohemian style. I found a small boutique shop in Toronto that carried Lihi’s dresses, and went from there. The first time going to try on dresses was a little overwhelming, but by the second time I knew I found my dress! And as an extra plus, it was comfortable.

Brooke: “The first time Lee and I saw each other was for different reasons than you might think. I was still in my robe, and he was only partially dressed, he only had his T-shirt on with his dress pants – it was literally too hot out for him to fully dress. But the non-traditional spin is what made it funny and cute – that’s how we are! Mind you, he had already seen me in my dress back in March for our actual wedding. (Side note – we didn’t do a first look in March. My absolute favorite moment between all the wedding events was walking down the isle to Lee in March – I still get goosebumps thinking about it).”

Brooke: “Some of the best moments of the day were when Lee and I would be apart from each other, talking to different family and friends, but then catch a glance from each other across the way.

Brooke: “The first time I saw the finished decor, I was in complete awe.

Brooke: “Sitting next to Lee while hearing my dad and sister give speeches – we were so completely humbled and overwhelmed with love.

Brooke: “‘Let There Be Love’ by Nat King Cole was a song we listened to on our honeymoon almost every day – it became special to us! A reminder of our first adventure as a married couple.

Brooke: “I danced with my dad to ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’. My dad is a Disney fan, not just of the brand, but of Walt Disney himself. I like to think of my dad as my own Walt Disney :) He always followed his dreams and his heart, and encouraged us to do the same. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am if it wasn’t for him!

Brooke: “We’ve been through a lot together. Lee had to serve in the Korean military, and he chose to do his service right out of high school – wanted to get it out of the way so he could go to school and move on with our lives without the interruption. We didn’t get to see each other for two years, but it taught us so much. Sometimes our only communication was through hand written letters, which made our phone calls and Skype video chats even more special. I think that’s how we truly realized we could and wanted to spend our lives together – we never wavered once from our relationship over those two years, and it made us really appreciate each other. It definitely wasn’t easy, but it made us who we are today!

Brooke: “I loved dancing with my hubby at the end of the night to some of my all time favorite songs. Not slow dance, but a goofy kind of dance! We were having a BLAST. And have perfect pictures to capture it.

Brooke: “Our best advice – don’t get caught up in the details. Everything can’t be perfect. And trust the professionals to do their jobs! They are the experts. We let Syrie, the caterers, Ayres, etc. be creative – we didn’t restrict them. And everything turned out better than either of us could have imagined! Ayres is fantastic – I have never in my life seen better photos taken – I couldn’t believe how beautiful everyone and everything looked. If you want someone to truly capture your event, the vibes, and everything else, there is seriously no better choice!!

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Wedding Vendors Include:

Venue: Knox Farm
Wedding Planner: Syrie Roman of Social Maven Event Planning
Invitations and Signage: Parkside Prints
Hair and Make-up: BLUSH Makeup and Hair
Wedding Dress Designer: “Roseberry” by Lihi Hod
Florist: Fern Croft
Tent Rental: All Season Rental
Lighting and Decor: Social Maven Event Planning
Furniture Rentals: Quaint
Serveware Rentals: Quaint
Catering: The Grange Community Kitchen and Lomo Lomo Food Truck
Donuts: Paula’s Donuts
Gelato Station: Sweet Melody’s Artisan Crafted Gelato
Dessert Table Styling: Social Maven Event Planning
Band: GRAVY Band