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“A man travels the world in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” – George Moore

I definitely love Buffalo. It’s a wonderful city, and I’m very proud to say that I live here; but, my heart belongs to Utica, NY – the city where I was born and raised. Being able to shoot a wedding in Utica was an amazing experience for me. Going back to places that I’ve seen all my life, familiar Utica landmarks, and looking at them now through the eyes of a photographer was pretty incredible. It’s so funny…growing up in a city as small as Utica, I couldn’t wait to move away, to see and experience what I thought were bigger and better things and places. But the older I get, the more I realize, that Utica – the quirky little city where I spent most of my life – is actually the one place that really feels like home. I love the places, the people, the food…but most of all, I love how much I feel like myself when I’m there.

Kristen and Brian are an incredible couple. Everything about their day was perfect, and we enjoyed every minute of it! I started out the day with Kristen and the girls at Hotel Utica.

a gorgeous wedding dress hanging in the mezzanine of the Hotel Utica

bridal shoe shot taken on the mezzanine of the Hotel Utica
Kristen and Brian’s daughter, Abby, was a very important part of their day.  She held the prestigious title of “mini bride!”  These are her darling wedding shoes.  :)
a beautiful fine art shot of flower girl ballet slippers

a Utica NY bride gets ready for her ceremony in the Julian Suite at Hotel Utica
Abby was less than thrilled about me sticking my camera in her face, but she did allow me to capture a few shots of her getting ready for the big day.  I love this one!!
the daughter of the bride and groom gets her hair done before the ceremony

the bride to be puts lipstick on her flower girl

getting ready photo of a bride putting on her dress before the wedding ceremony

the aunt of the bride puts on her pearl necklace before her wedding ceremony

gorgeous bride puts on her wedding jewelry in preparation for her wedding ceremony
Kristen’s sister helps her put on her garter…
getting ready photo of the maid of honor helping the bride put on her garter
Ben grabbed this great shot of the boys right before they hopped in the limo to head over to the church!
the groom and his groomsmen pose for a pre ceremony photo in New York Mills
Abby the mini bride and the other wedding kiddos were anxious to get the show on the road!!
pre ceremony photo of the flower girl and the ring bearer peeking through the church doors
Brian and his best man, waiting patiently for Kristen to make her walk down the aisle.  :)
the groom and his best man wait patiently for the bride to walk down the aisle at a wedding ceremony in Utica NY

the flower girl and the ring bearer walk down the aisle at a Utica NY wedding ceremony

the bride and her father make the walk down the aisle at St Joseph St Patrick Roman Catholic Church in Utica NY

wedding photography of a bride and groom exchanging rings during their Utica wedding ceremony

the bride and groom seal their vows with a kiss when the priest said you may kiss the bride
Aren’t they a STUNNING couple??  Seriously…AMAZING!!!
the newly married couple walks back up the aisle after their Utica NY wedding ceremony

a bride and groom greet their daughter after their wedding ceremony
After the ceremony, we headed over to Hotel Utica.  K and B’s wedding party was fabulous!  For such a large group, in 97 degree weather, they did remarkably well.  Great job, guys!
photo of a very large bridal party crossing the street in front of Hotel Utica
The mezzanine area of the Hotel Utica is perfect…
a bride and groom kiss for a wedding photo on the mezzanine of the Hotel Utica
…as is the lobby, or grand foyer, or whatever it’s called.  LOVE this shot!!
wide angle photo of a bride and groom standing together in the lobby of the Hotel Utica

A classic Utica mural across the street from the hotel…
a utica bride and groom pose for a photo in front of the sunburst mural in downtown Utica
Then, we headed over to the beautiful grounds of  The Masonic Home for a few more wedding party shots.  This was one of our favorites!
wide angle bridal party portrait taken at The Masonic Home in Utica NY

bride and groom pose for a portrait in front of the fountain at Masonic Home in Utica
Ben grabbed this shot while I was busy setting up the wedding party for another one.  I am totally IN LOVE with it!!

Ben is awesome.  :)

black and white close up photo of bride and groom kissing under the brides veil
There were a TON of amazing details at this wedding, (and you all know how much of a sucker I am for the details), so here are few of my fave detail shots.
wedding detail photo collage with a focus on all things pink

wedding cake detail photo
An adorable first dance…
the bride blows her guests a kiss during the first dance

black and white close up of the bride and groom embracing during their first dance
After their first dance, Kristen and Brian both took a turn dancing with their daughter.  It was just the sweetest thing EVER!
the groom does a special father daughter dance with his young daughter

the bride does a special mother daughter dance with her daughter

The kids at this wedding had a separate room all to themselves! I went in to check it out, and ended up finding inspiration for an awesome ring shot in an unlikely place.
fine art wedding ring photo using a crayon box as a background

I heart this so much…
the groom removes the brides garter during their wedding reception at the Hotel Utica
Totally action packed bouquet/garter toss shots…the flowers got major air!
a bride tosses her bouquet at her wedding reception in the Hotel Utica ballroom

the groom tosses the garter to a group of single guys at his wedding reception at the Hotel Utica

great action shot of two little flower girls dancing at a wedding reception

the bride dances under the arms of her bridesmaids
Brian, rockin’ out to “Don’t Stop Believing…”
the groom sings his heart out to don't stop believing with his cousins
Ahhhh, night portraits…my FAVORITE!!  I think these are particularly AWESOME night portraits, but I also think it has a lot to do with this particularly AWESOME couple.  ;)
magical looking portrait of a bride and groom in an alleyway adjacent to the Hotel Utica

off camera lighting portraits of bride and groom against a salmon brick wall

stunning bride and groom portrait using off camera front lighting and colored backlighting

black and white portrait of bride and groom against a textured brick wall

bride and groom portrait taken on the side of the Hotel Utica backlit with yellow light

Kristen and Brian – It goes without saying that we adore you, and that we feel absolutely honored to have been a part of your day. Thank you so much for choosing us to be your wedding photographers!! We wish you all the best! :)

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  • Meghan McCarthy SAYS...

    Great shots Jenn & Ben!! Love the colors in this wedding. A beautiful job!


    beautiful!! love that ring shot!

  • Maggie Collea SAYS...

    After seeing the engagement photos, I could not wait for these. Absolutely gorgeous. You definitely have an eye to capture the best!

  • Mary SAYS...

    These pictures are incredible. What amazes me the most is the little time it took you to set the pictures up. Your artistic style is unmatched! Im impressed!!!!Cant wait to see he rest of the photos. WOW!!!!!

  • Sheila Tracy SAYS...

    I got chills looking at these! You guys have an unbelievable talent for capturing the personality of the subjects. Well done!! Truly beautiful pictures.

  • Lindsey and Joe SAYS...

    Amazing pictures! Looks like you captured another beautiful day. Loved every last one…especially the ones by the brick wall! :)

  • chris SAYS...

    You can see from your photos that you love your work, and enjoy your clients. I’m so please for you, and for them!

  • Kristen SAYS...

    WOW! You guys are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographers and I love the way you captured every moment and every last detail of our special day! Your artistic vision is not the only reason why Brian and I chose you guys….you are truly great people! Thank you SO much for everything!!!