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Everything about Sandra and Rob’s wedding was absolutely perfect – the weather, the location, the people – all of it. Evangola State Park is a totally ideal location for an intimate outdoor wedding. The wedding gazebo is darling, the Banquet Room is lovely, and the scenery/backdrop is breathtaking; but, the best part, better than all of those things combined, was Sandra and Rob. The way they look at each other, laugh together, and radiate happiness is enough to make anyone fall in love with love. Honestly? They could have gotten married in a cardboard box, and their wedding would have been just as beautiful, because their love for each other is genuine. We were so happy to be a part of their day! :)

Rob, his best man, and the officiant, wait for the bride to make her entrance!  I absolutely LOVE this shot of Ben’s…it’s such a cool perspective.

a groom waits for his bride to arrive at the Evangola State Park gazebo
Rob met Sandra halfway, and they walked the rest of the way together…SO CUTE!!
the groom meets his bride on the boardwalk at Evangola State Park

a wide angle view of a wedding ceremony at Evangola State Park in upstate NY

black and white close up of the bride putting the ring on her groom

groom places ring on brides finger during their state park wedding ceremony

candid photo of wedding guests during a wedding ceremony at Evangola
wedding photo of the bride and groom kissing at the end of their wedding ceremony in the white gazebo at Evangola State Park
Right after the ceremony, we hung around the gazebo for a few quick portraits…
formal wedding photo of bride and groom in front of the gazebo

formal wedding photo of the bride and groom with the best man and maid of honor in front of a white gazebo
…then, we walked down to the beach to grab a few more!  We did some more serious, wedding day “portrait-y” shots while we were down there, but this next one was waaaaay too hilarious to leave out.  FYI:  The best man is also Rob’s brother, making the whole thing even more hysterical.
fun and candid shot of the groom horsing around with his brother
Oh jeez…this one melts my heart.  Every groom does this ring thing right after the ceremony – EVERY GROOM at EVERY wedding.  Ben did it, too…it’s so adorable, I can’t even stand it.
every groom plays with their new ring right after the wedding ceremony
So, this gorgeousness is Lake Erie..can you believe that?  How lucky are we to live right next to this?  :)
wedding photo of a bride and groom strolling along the shores of Lake Erie at Evangola State Park

black and white wedding portrait of a bride and groom kissing next to a row of sail boats at Evangola
Ahhh!!  I love this one!!
portrait of a bride and groom taken from a low angle using leaves as a natural frame

beach wedding photo of a bride and groom kissing on the beach at Evangola state park with the focus on the bouquet of red roses
This shot of Ben’s is a show stopper…classic and STUNNING.
stunning wedding portrait of a bride and groom in Evangola state park
A few details…
photos of how the recreation building at Evangola State Park can be transformed into a great wedding reception
Sandra and Rob’s reception was in the Evangola State Park Banquet Room, which is actually pretty cool.  You can’t really tell from this shot, but it has these huge, awesome wooden doors that open up to a terrace area (also used as the “dance floor”) that has probably the best view of the sunset over Lake Erie that I’ve ever seen.  There’s not too many places I’ve seen where you can have your “first dance” outside, with an amazing sunset in the background – it was absolutely breathtaking!
the bride and groom cut their cake in the recreation building at Evangola State Park

black and white wedding photo of bride and grooms first dance just outside of the Evangola recreation building
Pretty spectacular, right?  :)
a bride and groom have their first dance at sunset on Lake Erie in buffalo NY

black and white wedding photojournalism of a bride and groom having their first dance

candid wedding photojournalism of the grooms parents at his wedding reception

black and white wedding photojournalism of two wedding guests talking at a reception

detail wedding photo close up of wedding rings

A few more portraits featuring the amazing sunset (and this amazing couple)!!
the bride peeks over the grooms shoulder in a stunning wedding photo at sunset in front of Lake Erie

black and white candid wedding photo of a bride and groom laughing together

gorgeous wedding photo of a bride and groom kissing at sunset on Lake Erie

Sandra and Rob – you guys are perfect together! Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! Everything about it was completely awesome! :)

  • Miquel SAYS...

    every picture is stunning. what a beautiful couple. I think the sailboat picture should be in a magazine!! the venue looked great!

  • Aunt Carole Cleveland SAYS...

    So sorry we missed the wedding; your pics are gorgeous and the first we’ve seen of their big day! Of course with Rob & Sandra you had great subjects to photograph!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thank-you so much for taking the time to comment, everyone! It really means a lot to us!! Sandra – we’re so happy we were able to capture your day exactly as you wanted it! Chris – I had no idea who Geraldine Chaplin was, so I Googled her, and you’re totally right – Sandra definitely does resemble a movie star!! ;)

  • Joy SAYS...

    These photos are so amazing!!! I too loved the beach shots, the rings…beautiful art.

  • Tiffany SAYS...

    LOVE. These are absolutely beautiful. Their day was captured so perfectly. I cannot choose a favorite!

  • chris SAYS...

    As always, your work is excellent. You’ve photographed so many unusually lovely women, but this time I have to comment on Sandra. She is beautiful, and looks more like
    Geraldine Chaplin than does Geraldine! Rob must be grateful even for the opportunity to see her first thing in the morning! And again, beautiful work as usual.

  • Sandra SAYS...

    I love them! It’s obvious why we chose you, isn’t it?! This was exactly what I wanted – real, (AMAZING!) photos that captured our day perfectly! Thank you!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, Katie! You’re AWESOME!! :)

  • Katie SAYS...

    Oh gosh that picture on the beach with the birds is breathtaking! Beautiful photos – I’m a fan:)