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Hey everyone! :)

We’re back with the next installment in our end-of-the-year-blog-a-thon! Meghan and Travis booked us pretty early on in their wedding planning process, so we had a lot of time to get to know them as a couple; and, we’re so glad we did, because they’re both such awesome people.

I started out the day with Meghan and the girls at her parents’ home. She was getting ready for the big day in her old bedroom, which I think is just the sweetest thing ever. I was totally loving the pink walls!! The following shot I took of her wedding dress is HANDS DOWN my favorite dress shot I’ve ever taken. Something about the combination of the sunlight, the lace, the pink walls, and the teddy bear makes this shot seem absolutely perfect to my eyeballs. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

wedding photo of dress hanging from window and reflected in mirror

macro lens photos of wedding jewelry

gray wedding shoes
One thing I really loved about Meghan’s bedroom (besides the pink walls), was all of the little bits and pieces of her childhood that were everywhere around the room.  So cute!  :)
macro wedding details

black and white wedding photojournalism of bride getting ready
The veil was STUNNING…so detailed!
close up macro shot of bridal veil

black and white wedding photojournalism by Ayres Photography
Once she was fully dressed and ready, she popped into her parents’ bedroom to check herself out in their mirror.  I love this shot so much…she looks both pensive and beautiful at the same time.  ;)
wedding photo of bride checking herself out in her mothers mirror
Gorgeous, gorgeous, Meghan!
modern bride wedding portraits
This is a definite favorite…
modern photojournalistic wedding portrait of a beautiful bride

close up photo of gorgeous Fall wedding bouquet
Heading out to the limo!
the bride and bridesmaids make their way out to the limo
Meanwhile, Ben was hanging out with Travis and the guys at Meg and Trav’s house.  This darling creature is their cat, Ethan, and he absolutely HAD to be featured, as I am obsessed with animals and he is particularly cute.  Nice cat shot, Ben!!  ;)
portrait of a gray cat
Sorry I didn’t post a lot of you getting dressed and stuff, Trav…it’s just not as exciting as the shots I took of Meghan…HAHAHAHAHA!!  I’m just kidding, Trav, you know we love you!  But this next shot = total BADASS.
fun wedding portrait of a groom and his best man
After the guys were ready, they made their way over to the ceremony site, Karpeles Manuscript Library, which is definitely one of the coolest places around for a wedding ceremony.  I love this shot of Ben’s…sure, everybody wants a few traditional-looking posed shots of the groom/groomsmen, but my favorites are always the un-posed shots…this one is spectacular – the lighting is awesome.
a groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride at Karpeles
LOVE this!!
black and white wedding photojournalism wedding ceremony at Karpeles Manuscript Library
So, this is what a wedding ceremony at Karpeles Manuscript Library looks like.  Pretty amazing, right?  Yeah, I think so, too…
photo of wedding ceremony at Karpeles Manuscript Library in downtown Buffalo

bride and groom exchange rings during wedding ceremony at Karpeles

bride and groom exchange rings during Buffalo NY wedding ceremony at Karpeles

buffalo wedding photojournalism by Jenn and Ben Ayres
YAY!!  Such a wonderful couple!  We love you guys!!  :)
bride and groom share their first kiss at Karpeles wedding ceremony

bride and groom on the steps of Karpeles Manuscript Library in Buffalo NY

Our next stop was Delaware Park for some wedding party shots and the bride/groom session, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!
natural unposed wedding photography in Delaware Park
Travis is hysterical…
fun candid wedding photography Delaware Park Buffalo NY
These are all amazing…just check out that foliage!  Sooooo pretty!

gorgeous wedding portrait of a bride and groom by Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park
Ok, so I could say something about each of the next four frames, but I don’t think I need to, because if you are reading this right now, it means that you have eyeballs, and can clearly see what a gorgeous and amazing couple they are, so I’ll just zip it.

(Whew!  It was hard work for me to keep silent through that gorgeousness!)  After the park, our last stop of the day was the Avant for a fun-filled reception!  I literally could not stop taking pictures of the cake-topper…CUTEST THING EVER.
This was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone use a giant glass bowl for cards…just look at how chic this is!!  Leave it to Meghan to come up with that…  :)
using a large glass bowl as a wedding card box is a great idea

bride and groom cut their cake at Avant wedding reception in downtown Buffalo

adorable wooden figurine wedding cake topper vintage and sweet
Yes, I included three shots of their first dance, because I love all of them…
black and white wedding photojournalism by Ayres Photography of Buffalo NY

wedding photo of bride and grooms first dance at Avant wedding reception in Buffalo

There were actually quite a few lovebirds out on the dance floor that night.  ;)
using colored gels to create mood lighting in wedding photography

The Avant in downtown Buffalo is a great location for a large wedding reception

black and white candid wedding photo of bride and groom on the dance floor

wedding photo of the dance floor at the Avant in Buffalo NY
This will forever be one of my favorite shots.  Ben made friends with the nicest security guard EVER at the Avant/Embassy Suites, and he took us up to one of the unfinished floors of the building.  It was so cool…the view of the city from up there was incredible.  I had just cut out a pink gel a few days before their wedding, so I was dying to use it (I love pink, as most of you know by now), and this was the PERFECT opportunity.
silhouette shot of bride and groom at the Avant in downtown Buffalo using a pink back light
Night portraits outside of the Avant…LOVE.
bride and groom night portrait in downtown Buffalo
Instead of ending the post with a beautiful photo of a couple in love, we’ll leave you with this phenomenal shot of Travis because he’s awesome (and this shot was totally his idea).  :)

Meg and Trav – We can’t thank you enough for choosing us to be your wedding photographers. We are so, so glad we met you guys, and feel honored to have been a part of your special day!! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you both all the happiness in the world! You’re the BEST!! :)

  • jenny SAYS...

    a friend is hiring you for her wedding and she sent me this link to check out. My idea of a great photographer is someone who makes me feel something deep in my heart when I look at a Photo of someone or something I don’t know. I was emotional over all the love you captured in Meghan and Travis. You are simply fantastic and I wish I found you for my photographer when I got married almost 10 years ago….My friend is LUCKY!!!!

  • Linda I SAYS...

    The photos are absolutely beautiful. The love between them was truly captured and Meghan looked spectactular!

  • Julie SAYS...

    I LOVE the pink shot!! The rest are beautiful as well, but that one is just so aweomse. Great work!

  • sandie mccarthy SAYS...

    Jen & Ben: as i have told Meg lately over the slight delay…. ‘all good things are worth waiting for’ and this sampling of your work just proves my words true. Thank you – can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    Thanks so much, guys!! It was such a fun day! :)

  • Annette SAYS...

    Oh my gosh. These pictures are AMAZING!!! Meg & Trav, you looked GREAT!!! Good job Jen & Ben!! I think you captured their special day perfectly. : )

  • Julie Rabbitt SAYS...

    I love the photos! You really captured the night, Meg & Trav’s personality and the whole feeling!

  • Ayres Photography SAYS...

    You are so very welcome, Meg and Trav!! It means the world to us that we were able to be a part of your day! We love you guys!! :)

  • Meghan & Travis SAYS...

    Guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing such an amazing job here! We really don’t have words to thank you enough for how these turned out… They are just beautiful. We are so happy, we just can’t stop looking at them! I couldn’t be happier! You are so talented- thank you.