Long before we ever considered ourselves to be professional photographers, we both had careers in education.   Our mutual love of teaching is what initially brought us together.  We bonded over our love of photography and eventually, we built our business on a foundation of the strengths we developed through years of being classroom teachers.  Although we left our education careers behind many years ago to pursue photography full time, we will ALWAYS be teachers. The desire to teach is built into our DNA.  It’s part of what makes us who we are.

Helping others find their self-confidence, face their fears, and experience success is what sets our hearts on fire. Our Mentoring Sessions are our way of keeping that fire ablaze.

We have learned so much about photography over the last eight years – from the technical aspects of shooting, lighting, and posing, to the ins and outs of running a business – and we want to share our knowledge, our experience, and our passion for the craft with all of you.  Why?  Because we know how it feels to be at the very beginning of your photography career – confused, overwhelmed, and not sure what your next move should be.  We know what it feels like to chase BIG dreams, and to experience both success and failure along the way.  Whatever you’re currently struggling with, chances are, we’ve been there, and we can offer support, guidance, and insight to help you get to where you want to be.

 Each session is customized to focus on your specific needs.
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