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Michele • Associate Photographer

Being an observant and visual person by nature, I’ve always been inclined to taking in all of what surrounds me. When I see something lovely or special, I want to “freeze” it so that a temporary image can become permanent. As a result, I am ALWAYS taking pictures. I am a strong believer in capturing those moments that will become memories to cherish in the future.

I have a degree in Social Work, so for me, working with people has been my joy and privilege for over 15 years. I love being around people, laughing with them, being a part of their journey, and expecting and understanding the range of emotions that come with life! I have been told that I have a calm and comforting presence which helps when I’m taking photos because it puts people at ease. I LOVE weddings. I LOVE seeing people, surrounded by their friends and family, in joyous celebration. And if there is anything this world needs more of, it is LOVE.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, cooking, trying new restaurants with friends, and last, but not least, enjoying time with my son and husband. I am a Buffalo native and very proud of our city. We have historical charm, four seasons of ever-changing weather, loveable sports teams, good food and the best people on earth. Buffalo is a pretty awesome place to fall in love, get married and live happily ever after!

Michele’s Wedding Collections start at $2200.

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Nicole • Associate Photographer

I think that I have always been in love with photography…the art of capturing a moment that will never be lost. I am very sentimental and have been told that I am an ‘old soul’, so taking pictures allowed me to be able to hold onto those precious times and revisit them whenever I wanted.

I am so very blessed to share my life with my wonderful husband and our 2 beautiful children. Traveling to quaint, artistic places is one my favorite things to do. I love to find different, local places to eat and I LOVE a good cup of strong coffee…I swear the coffee helps my creative juices get flowing! I love all things yellow, I love to create beautiful, cozy places in my home. I love to read, cook, and above all, I adore spending time with great friends and family over a fantastic meal.

To be able to photograph someone’s wedding is one of the greatest honors! I am constantly amazed that I am able to not only witness, but document, one of THE most important days in someone’s life…and the fact that I am a complete romantic, doesn’t hurt. As a photographer, I love to be able to not only take pictures, but to be there for the bride and groom…to make their day easier, to allow them to relax and just soak it all in. I want them to enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

Nicole’s Wedding Collections start at $2200.

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Rachel • Studio Manager

I’m a bit of a creative old soul with my toe in a little of everything. A painter, a draw-er, a photographer, a graphic designer, a crafter, and a seamstress (I’m the weirdo who made her own prom dress). I’m a cook of diverse foods and an avid baker of scones. I’m even a licensed cosmetologist, providing special event beauty through my business, Rachel Rizzo Hair and Makeup. I love working on bridal parties so much that I swear I could do bridal hair and make-up all day, every day.

Some of my other loves include my husband Tom, weddings (of course), bagels with excessive amounts of cream cheese, bold coffee and reading for hours at a time. However, in November of 2017 I became a mama for the first time and no love or happiness will ever top that which I have for my sweet son. My heart has officially exploded for him.

I’ve been part of the Ayres Team since 2013 and I truly couldn’t ask for a better company to be a part of. My position with Ayres Photography is a compilation of behind the scenes work. I assist in the editing process and also design our beautiful custom wedding albums. I co-write our blogs along with Jenn and submit our images for publication. I stay on top of the office end of things and continuously brainstorm ways for our workflow to evolve and grow. I basically take care of anything and everything that will allow Jenn to focus more on the photography side of things and less on all the other little details. Ayres Photography is a team made up entirely of caring, compassionate, beautiful people and I am so very proud to be a part of it all.