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kim + matt + livia + baby hank

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Home is my happiest happy place. When our daughter was born, we never even considered having photos of her taken anywhere else, because we wanted to remember our first days as a family of three in our most special place – the place where we will raise our children, celebrate all of our birthdays, laugh, cry, sing at the top of our lungs, dance around in our kitchen, and comfort each other through the really tough things. I don’t know if everyone feels that way about their home, but I sure do, so it only makes sense that in-home family sessions have my heart.

This family is one of my favorite families in the whole world. Their daughter, Liv, and my little Elsie were buddies at the Aurora Waldorf School, and we became fast play date friends. I was so honored that they asked me to come and take some photos of them as a family to celebrate their newest addition, baby Hank!  These are a few of my favorites from their in-home family session.

meghan + travis + baby nora

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When you begin your journey as a new photographer, you shoot anything and everything you can to see what feels right for YOU. It’s a very important step in the process. I knew pretty early on that I loved photographing family sessions, but it took years to figure out that I had preferences. I now know that my specialty and greatest strength is photographing emotion. My goal with everything I shoot is always “to tell stories that matter.” Every time I click the shutter button, I do it with 100 years in mind. I think about the people in the photos and what I want them to feel when they look at my work now and 100 years from now. I think about the people who aren’t even born yet, but to whom these photos will someday be priceless treasures. It’s pretty incredible to think that the work I’m producing today will bridge the gap between generations for so many families. Today’s family sessions are tomorrow’s family heirlooms.

These are my dear friends Meghan and Travis, and their sweet baby, Nora. We photographed their wedding so many years ago, and we’ve loved them ever since. It meant the world when they asked me to come take some photos of them as a family in the perfect little house that they’ve made their home. <3