6 Reasons Why You Should Rent THIS Photo Booth!

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So you’ve decided to rent a photo booth for your wedding, hm? EXCELLENT CHOICE! Photo booths are seriously awesome and are always an incredible addition to any party – especially a wedding! (If you’re still deciding on whether or not a photo booth is for you, click here to check out our many reasons why we think it’s absolutely 100% a great decision for everyone). Now that you know this is something you simply MUST have, it’s time to make the difficult decision of which company to go with. As photo booths are becoming more and more popular, there are tons of choices as to which one to rent for your big day. We’re here to make that decision just a little bit easier for you, because, simply put, Boothtastic is just the best option there is. And here’s why…

  1. It comes with the greatest props ever. Props bring out a side of people that nothing else seems to be able to unleash in quite the same way… your inner child. Sure, it’s fun to make silly faces and give kisses and smeyes for the camera with your greatest ever America’s Next Top Model impression (thanks for the lessons, Tyra), BUT, have you ever had your own personal photo shoot while wrapped in a feather boa and sporting a tiara on your head? Do your guests know just how amazing it is to completely forget that they’re 31 years old (or 27 according to their Tinder profile…) because they’re wearing a pirate hat and sunglasses that are 5 times bigger than their face? Props have the uncanny ability to make anyone and everyone (even you’re grandparents!) feel like they’re a kid again. Lucky for you, we’ve got some of the best props in town.

2. It’s sleek and modern design. Think about it. Do you really want one of those ominous, unattractive, clunky, dark and dated looking boxes taking up space in the corner of your gorgeous reception?? Complete with that garish, gigantic logo running down the full length of the side which somehow keeps making it’s way into the background of all your wedding photos {insert angry face emoji here}. If you’re the type of bride who pays attention to details and took the time to make sure that every piece of your wedding fully represents you and your man’s style and vibe, then certainly you wouldn’t want an old mall kiosk style booth sticking out like an eye sore. Boothtastic’s clean and modern design is not only beautiful (yes, we used the word beautiful to describe our photo booth) but it’s discreet and classy looking. Which brings us to our next reason…

3. Freedom to move. Boothtastic’s design is an open-air “booth”. That means there’s no cramming yourself into a tiny, confined space with this one. Grab a friend or two or three and still have more than enough space to dance around! Let loose! Jump in the air! Do the funky chicken! Whatever gets you going! Instead of uncomfortably trying to squeeze into a too small space with all 3 of your siblings, with Boothtastic you have the ability to comfortably fit up to 10 (or more!) of your friends and family in the booth along with you. We promise not a single one will be passing out from claustrophobia or heat stroke (unless of course your reception venue forgets to turn on the AC on a 90 degree day – yikes). And because Boothtastic is not an enclosed style booth, it’s impossible to be ignored. While you and your wedding party are having a blast channeling your inner five year old, all of your other guests are getting wind of just how much fun you are having with those moose antlers on your head. It’s addictive and contagious! Being able to visibly SEE people having an absurd amount of fun in the booth will entice even your shyest and most reserved guests to forget their inhibitions and jump on in themselves!

4. Fancy and customizable backdrops. Because Boothtastic is open air, the backdrop you choose is actually a great accent to your reception decor! Use one of our many options, whether clean and simple or glitzy and glamorous, to add that extra pizzazz to your already beautiful surroundings. Or, if you’re creative, create your own usable custom backdrop to fit your theme! If your venue has amazing exposed brick walls or a cool industrial vibe we can use that as a backdrop too! The options are endless and whatever you choose will look perfect, not only behind your guests in the photos but also as a compliment to your venue and decor choices!

5. Customizable, personalized print outs. While we’re on the subject of customization, we have to touch on how infinite your print out options are. You get to choose a print layout using either 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos and from there we will customize exactly how you want it to look. Turn it into an awesome souvenir for your guests by adding your names, the date, even the location of your wedding! Pick the font, the color and the style! Heck, add a cute little Buffalo in the corner to remind your guests what city is the best city ever!! (Ok, we’re a little biased, but still). However you want your print outs to look we can make that happen!

6. It’s socially connected. Are you and your friends all about being plugged in? Well, so is Boothtastic! With wi-fi capabilities, you can actually email your photos to yourself right from the kiosk itself! Your guests can instantly acquire their hilarious photos on their phone and in seconds be able to share their high quality image with all of their friends on social media. (Warning: we are not responsible for any jealousy that may ensue due to their friend who is at home scrolling through her Instagram only to come across the best photo booth photo EVER of her friend and some gorgeous bride having the time of their lives at that very moment, while she is already on the couch in her jammy jams at 9pm on a Friday night). Or maybe you and your guests are having too much fun (or had one too many cocktails…) to worry about remembering what the heck your email address even is let alone messing around with social media uploads. No worries! Download ALL your photos a day or two later when the gallery goes live on our site! That also means no more fighting over who gets to keep the photo strip to hang on their fridge (seriously though… if there are 3 people in the booth… and only 1 strip prints out… do you rotate who gets to keep it like it’s the Stanley Cup? Or maybe just cut it up into little tiny separate photos? But wait, EVERYONE looks good in that one… and no one wants to get stuck with the other one where Stacy blinked, so what’s a girl to do?!). With Boothtastic everyone can download and print as many copies of their photos as they want! Crisis averted :)

Want to see this amazing booth in action?? Check out this super cute 1 minute video shot at one of our very own Ayres Photography weddings!

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