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Vendor Spotlight: B Sweet Designs

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Back in the day wedding planning was pretty easy, (at least from what we’ve heard…). That’s because every wedding pretty much followed the same rules. Pick a date. Pick a place. Pick a dress. Pick a cake. Get married. Finito!

These days, when it comes to picking your options, things are a bit more involved than they were in the good old days. One of the things that seems to be getting harder and harder to decide on is dessert! Do you go traditional and stick with a fabulous cake? Or perhaps go a touch more modern and opt for cupcakes instead? Then there’s cake pops and individual mini cakes…. Hmm. But what if you want to ditch the cake idea all together?! Well then the options are really endless! There’s pie. So many flavors of pie! And what about donuts?? And candies! And chocolates?! And donut flavored chocolates and candy flavored donuts!! What’s a girl to do?!

In the days of 2019, we have a solution. And that solution is… PICK ALL OF THEM! Every sweet your little heart desires! And there’s truly no better woman to help your sugarplum dreams come true than Marisa Battaglia, owner of B Sweet Designs! Marisa sleeps, breathes and eats (well, obviously) sweets! She creates the most incredible custom dessert tablescapes that your taste buds could only ever imagine. Marisa takes all of the delicious desserts that your sweet tooth is craving and turns them into one giant extraordinary edible display of beautiful chocolate and candy coated daydreams. You’ll be swimming in a lovely sea of custard, floating along on a big cakey donut ring, tossing bonbons into your mouth and eating caramel corns like they were blueberries. And the best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger except to grab another bite sized cannoli. Marisa does everything for you.

We love Marisa and her amazing dessert table displays so much that we absolutely had to feature her wonderful business, B Sweet Designs, as one of our Vendor Spotlights. She’s such an awesome person and she really loves what she does! And really loves weddings! And really loves sweets! Which is probably why she’s so darn good at making dreams come true for her sweet craving brides! We talked with her all about her unique business, her eye for design and herself! Read on to learn more about B Sweet Designs and the woman behind the table!

How would you describe yourself in three words or less?

Happy :-)

Tell us a little bit about B Sweet Designs!

At B Sweet Designs, we specialize in custom dessert tables for weddings and special events! We like to be as “full service” as possible, so we provide everything from custom designed desserts and candy, to themed decor, serveware, scoops/tongs, treat bags, custom signage and tags, linens, delivery, setup and tear down. We can even provide custom designed backdrops! I like to say that desserts, no matter what the occasion, should be as dressed up as the guests at a party. Desserts are one of the last things your guests will taste and see at your event, leaving that ever-lasting impression. It’s really important to us that your desserts not only taste great, but look incredible as well.

How did you decide to start your own business?

After graduating college with a degree in Journalism and Marketing, I dove head first into the corporate world. I worked in Design & Marketing for about five or six years and developed a foundation that has certainly guided me throughout this whole process of starting a business. But I’ve always had that entrepreneurial itch inside of me and knew a 9-5 desk job just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. After planning my own wedding out of the country and seeing how my guests reacted to our dessert table, I just knew in that moment that I needed to bring custom dessert tables to the Buffalo/WNY area (my hometown, born & raised)! It’s been over four years and we’ve designed countless tables for all sorts of events, from weddings and showers, to corporate events, holiday parties and everything in between!

How do you go about creating the perfect dessert table display for each couple? Share your process :)

The first thing we do before even considering what the dessert table is going to look like is we meet with our couples/clients face-to-face (my favorite part!). I am a big believer in meeting in person. I just think it’s so important to get to know my couples’/clients’ personalities and get a feel for who they are because when I design, I design with them in mind. We discuss all sorts of details about their big day, from tablescape design to dessert and candy preferences, theme/color palette, florals, etc. Every aspect of their wedding or special event is important because every last detail helps me coordinate the design of the dessert table perfectly with the style of the event! We then spend the time between our first meeting and the actual event just brainstorming and throwing around ideas, coming up with new dessert designs, etc. And once we’ve settled on a layout (which varies greatly) and specific desserts (based on preference), we lay it all out and finalize any remaining details. We also love collaborating with other creatives in the area such as florists, backdrop and signage artists, linen rental companies, etc. to really bring the dessert table to the next level! On the day of, you’ll usually see us picking up our custom desserts all around the city, delivering everything to the venue, setting up the display, putting our final touches on everything and coming back at the end of the night to tear everything down! The best part is getting to see our couples’/clients’ faces when they see their dessert table for the first time. We don’t always get so lucky, but when we do, it reminds us why we do what we do :-)

What sets you apart from other sweet shops in the Buffalo area?

We’re a dessert table design business, so we provide a variety of custom designed desserts from bakeries and chocolatiers all across the Buffalo/WNY area. It’s completely based on preference, so we’re able to provide almost endless options of flavors and varieties. We work with each bakery to design every last detail of each dessert, right down to the way the gold leaf and sprinkles, for instance, are placed on a doughnut or the way the frosting is piped onto a cupcake! What I love is that our couples/clients get to offer their guests a variety of sweets, from baked goods to gourmet chocolates and candies, you name it and we can probably make it happen! Our tables usually consist of anywhere from 9-12 varieties of desserts and candies when all is said and done. What’s even better, our dessert tables also act as a piece of decor. Each dessert item is carefully thought out and placed strategically on the table to bring a cohesive design to life. And the best part…no two tables are ever the same!

What is it about Buffalo that makes you love living and working here?

I was born and raised in Buffalo, so I may be biased, but I just feel like we breed the most generous, hard-working, kindhearted people. I’m also really close with my family, even my extended family, so I’m really grateful that I get to do what I love every day in a city where I can be so close to the support of my loved ones.

What is your favorite thing to do in Buffalo?

If I’m being honest, it’s probably eating, lol! Buffalo has the BEST food! Brunch is my fav ;-)

Summer or Winter??

Summer (it IS wedding season after all!)

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I really love getting to know my couples/clients. I love getting to know their stories, especially my brides’ and grooms’ love stories. Being asked to create a custom dessert table just for them and to play a role in one of the most memorable days of their lives is truly an honor.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate. All. Day. (But with salted caramel too please!)

What is it that keeps you coming back to this job day after day?

The look on our couples’/clients’ faces when we see them at the end of the night. Not only do we feel an incredible sense of accomplishment, but you can just feel the love in the air. The whole room is swarming with good vibes and energy. We love playing a part in one of the most special moments of their lives.

If you were to plan your own cake and dessert table for your wedding, what would it be like? What types of sweets would you include and why?

I actually DID plan my own cake and dessert table for my wedding (we had a destination wedding, so that’s what inspired me to start this business back here in Buffalo). We had everything from mini pies, cupcakes, doughnuts, chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels, sugar cookies, cake pops, fudge, peanut butter cups, popcorn, etc. to an assortment of candies such as gumdrops, fruit slices, gourmet wrapped chocolates, sour candies, etc. People still talk about it to this day! We even designed a three-tiered cake just for cutting ceremony purposes (one layer real, the others fake), a trend I see is very popular these days! The whole thing was so beautiful; I just knew my Buffalo couples would adore having a dessert table at their wedding as much as we did!

Do you offer any specialties? Unique flavors? Novelty desserts? Anything out of the ordinary bakery experience that is uniquely B Sweet?

We are constantly brainstorming and playing around with new designs and dessert ideas to offer on our dessert tables. Some of the more unique items we offer are glitter doughnuts, pyramid truffles, and we just recently created a “cakesicle”: a beautiful blend of cake and frosting wrapped up in a little chocolate shell on a Popsicle stick! They are so adorable and soooo delicious!

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

I love collaborating with some of the most incredibly talented individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. From bakers to florists, artists, stylists, photographers, etc., it is so energizing and humbling to work alongside such creative energy. Together we really can make magic happen!

When meeting with brides and grooms, what is the biggest piece of advice that you find yourself giving out over and over again?

I always tell my couples to make it a point to purposefully carve out some time during their big day to walk away together from all the hustle and bustle and soak up everything that’s going on. Cherish the moment because as cliche as this sounds, it really does fly by so quickly! Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s why you hire us, the professionals ;-)

What’s the best compliment that you’ve ever received from one of your couples?

One bride told me I made her dreams come true (melt my heart). And another couple told me as soon as the band announced the dessert table was open, it was devoured in 10 minutes flat. What an incredible compliment!

What’s your favorite color?

Blush! Also, does Rose Gold count?

What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far?

The day I married my husband (maybe that’s why I love weddings so much!) He’s my best friend and my partner on this crazy ride! A few weeks after we got married, I told him I wanted to start this business and he’s been so supportive since day one. I seriously couldn’t do what I love each and every day without him.

What is the most unique (and/or your favorite) dessert display that you’ve ever created?

I can honestly say I have loved each and every table we’ve created over the years because they are all so unique to the couple or guests of honor. We design with them in mind after all, so every single table really does hold a special place in our hearts. Personally, I do love a good neutral color palette, so any time I get to design around a blush/nude or champagne vibe, I get pretty stoked. We did create a gorgeous dessert table that was featured in the September 2018 issue of Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine that we were pretty excited about!

Fondant or Buttercream?

Oooo….I LOVE Buttercream (I could seriously eat it by the spoonful), but I love the beautiful designs we can create using Fondant.

If you could only eat one type of cake flavor for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That would be a sad day! But if I had to choose….carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, extra frosting please ;-)

And lastly, share some fun facts about yourself! Anything that will amp up how awesome we already know that you are!

Believe it or not, but I LOVE to Hip Hop dance. And I’d be down for a dance off, anywhere, anytime! I also really love to travel and used to live in London (my absolute favorite city in the entire world). In February 2018 I went to Bali, where my husband officiated the wedding of our two best friends!

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Find B Sweet Designs on Facebook and on Instagram and give Marissa a follow to see more of her amazing creations!

Vendor Spotlight: quaint vintage rental & design co

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There are so many ways to personalize your wedding day, from the invitation suite to the flowers, even your officiant can be personalized! (Having your ceremony officiated by a family member or a friend – can’t get much more personal than that!) But what about your venue? Sure, you picked it. You’re having a florist add some color to it… BUT – did you know that you can take things a step further?! That’s right! You can now personalize your venue!! How?? With rentals! And not just any rentals. We’re talking gorgeous, one of a kind vintage rentals from quaint vintage rental & design co (yes, it’s a lowercase “q”, and don’t you forget it!).

Hoping to add a little vintage glam to your reception? quaint has it. Want to bring in some comfortable and unique seating to your cocktail hour? quaint can do it! Want to sit on a thrown at your head table like the qween you are? quaint. Want your dessert table to look as incredible as your desserts? quaint. Want someone to set up an entire lounge area in your backyard so that the grass is transformed from empty outdoor space to a quirky outside living room, enticing your guests to get cozy on the couches while they breath in the fresh air and watch the sun set on your perfect day, putting their feet up on the coffee tables, laughing and joking and talking late into the evening as the twinkle lights above mimic the amazing stars in the sky because, oh yeah, YOU’RE SITTING ON A COUCH OUTSIDE?! *breath* I think you get the point. :)

Rebecca Duda, quaint’s owner and lover of unique furniture finds, took some time to answer a whole slew of crazy questions we had for her! Read on to hear more about her, her awesome shop, and the ins and outs of booking a Pop Up Wedding! What the heck is a Pop Up Wedding, you ask? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.

How would you describe yourself in three words or less?

Energetic, kind, unique.

Tell us a little bit about quaint!

quaint is my baby! We started with only a few pieces, and now we offer a wide range of sofas, chairs, custom farm tables, plenty of large & small props, glassware, etc. Our inventory is constantly growing! Being able to see these one-of-a-kind pieces being used in couples’ wedding days, and other fun events, really makes me happy. Bringing a touch of charm to such a special day is what we do. Our pieces add that unique element that gets guests talking and really remembering that particular celebration. I always say that great conversations happen when our pieces are present. :)

How did you decide to start your own rental business?

I worked with a wedding planner for several years, and found that there seemed to be a lack of unique rental items in the industry. I’ve always loved antique items, and am considered an old soul by many, so when I was seeing unique furniture pieces and props being used in different ways, in different areas of the country, I thought it was a great idea to bring to this area! It’s so much fun searching for new inventory pieces and creating new items to add to our always growing collection. The hunt is always the most fun!

What type of items do you have available for rental?

We have: sofas, love seats, chairs, 22 farm tables, coffee & end tables, dressers, vanities, hutches, trunks, rugs, pews, mantels, doors, arbors, brass shelving, bar carts, suitcases, brass candles, books, mirror trays, china, tea cups, chandeliers, lanterns, and lots of other fun and unique options! As we mentioned before, our inventory is always growing!

What services do you provide to your clients?

We offer styling services with our pieces and can help with the layout design as well. We also handle the delivery and pick ups of all items.

What is it about Buffalo that makes you love living and working here?

I’m a proud Buffalonian! I always thought I wanted to get away from here, but when I went to college in LA, I realized Buffalo is actually a great place to live and grow! Especially with all the good that’s happening now, I’m so excited to bring quaint to this area!

What is your favorite thing to do in Buffalo?

I love to bike ride throughout WNY. It’s so relaxing and you get out and see so many different places and people! Also the food is fabulous, so exploring new restaurants and eateries is always a good idea :)

Summer or Winter??

Definitely a summer gal!

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I love finding and creating new inventory pieces for quaint. Also being able to meet new clients and vendors is such a great experience. I’ve met some wonderful people through this business, and I hope to continue for some time to come!

Cats or dogs?


What is it that keeps you coming back to this job day after day?

quaint is my passion. I work another full time job, so having this small business allows me that creative outlet that I crave and need in my life. The rental business can be tough, but at the end of the day I love what I do, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being able to see the happy faces of the brides and kind comments when we drop off and style spaces, is really what makes me keep going! It’s such a joy for me to share my vintage beauties with others!

Where do you get all of your rental pieces from?

Many places! I get them from estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, online garage sales, craigslist, side of the road (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure :). I also get pieces from people contacting me with items they’d like to go to a good home. We constantly acquire one piece at a time.

Anything new in stock this season??

We have some new coffee tables, love seats, singer sewing machine, lanterns, etc. We’re always adding something new. I currently have a love seat getting reupholstered in a lilac velvet…I can’t wait to see it completed! I have several more reupholstering projects down the road as well.

What’s the most unique item that you’ve ever come across in your treasure hunting?

I’d have to say my pink velvet, 3 piece sectional sofa. Colette was a random find, and I was in awe when I saw her! I knew I had to have this! I could just stare at this piece all day, it’s so lovely. It was created specifically for a congressmen’s wife here in Buffalo, back in the 50’s. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

The wedding industry is always changing and there’s something new always happening. I love how no 2 weddings are alike, and it’s so great seeing the personalities of each couple being showcased with unique design choices throughout their big day. It’s an exciting industry to be in, and I love being a part of it so much!

What’s your favorite movie?

The Notebook!

What is your favorite type of couple to work with? Who would you consider “your people”?

I love working with clients that aren’t afraid of the eclectic looks. Using different pieces throughout a wedding or event, really makes it stand out and create a fun and beautiful environment for guests to be a part of. Who wants a cookie cutter wedding?! Having unique rentals can really help add that touch of charm!

What was the most fun or unique wedding/event decor that you’ve ever been a part of?

Sometimes it’s the smaller shoots or events that seem to be the most creative fun! I loved putting together the Mad Hatter shoot for a family photo session in the woods. It was so great being able to create a scene that comes to life and really tells a story! I also loved throwing the 60th birthday party in the woods. Taking beautiful pieces and placing them in settings you wouldn’t typically see, really brings that unique look and feel to the event. Overall, I love putting together spaces that will enhance or take you to another place. Why not create those magical backdrops that truly allow for the guests to be immersed in a different world for a little bit. Just makes life more fun, don’t you think?

What’s your favorite color?

Black – it’s classic :)

Tell us about your new “Pop Up Weddings”! What are they? How does it work? Give us all the details!

I’m so excited to offer these intimate weddings! Pop Up Weddings are 90 minute, all-inclusive ceremony celebrations for couples and about 20 guests. There is a set package price which includes:

– The venue
– Photographer
– Florist – ceremony decor, and a bouquet and boutonniere
– Officiant
– Baker – couple’s cake and dessert for each guest
– Hair & Makeup
– Beverage station
– Rentals & styling by us

Each Pop Up Wedding will be different and have a different theme/style. We announce the next pop up through social media, and it’s a first come, first serve basis when booking. Think of these weddings as an elaborate elopement. It’s for those who just want a quick celebration with a few family and friends, and then they’re free to go off after the 90 minutes and have a nice dinner or plan a backyard bash! It takes the stress out of planning and offers couples an intimate and unforgettable wedding, for a set price tag. All they have to do is pick out their attire and send out invites, we handle the rest!

And lastly, share some fun facts about yourself! Anything that will amp up how awesome we already know that you are!

  1. I’m a big Disney fan! I love Disney World. I love Walt’s idea of wanting to create a place where people could go to forget about the real world for a little while. I feel like that’s what we try to do in some ways with my rental company. We are just trying to create spaces that can hopefully give guests a fun and unique environment, where they can relax and forget about their problems for a little bit. Everybody needs this mental escape. Disney World is definitely mine! :)
  2. I work at a local toy company full time.
  3. I have THE best family and friends, and an amazing and supportive boyfriend!

That’s all folks! :) Thank you!!!

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Find quaint on Facebook and on Instagram and give Rebecca a follow to see more of her beautiful vintage rentals!