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lindsey + andy // Knox Farm

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Every once in a while in life you end up sitting next to someone who is about to change your life forever. You might not know it at all at the time, but this one person, who just so happened to end up right next to you, is actually your ticket to life long happiness. Sometimes you meet them at the beauty salon. And sometimes that person’s name is Sue.

Dubbed as “the angel”, our new friend Sue gets full credit for getting these two lovely people together. Lindsey and Andy owe their entire relationship to the fact that Sue, like Lindsey, just happened to need to get her hair done. And she just happened to need it done on the same day, at the same salon, during the same time as Lindsey, and with a stylist who happened to work right next to Lindsey’s stylist. Now, if that’s not fate then I don’t know what is.

Lindsey took some time to share her “serendipitous” story with us, along with some other sweet things about her relationship with her beau, Andy. Check out their adorable engagement shoot at Knox Farm and read on to learn a little more about these two love birds and why the heck we all love Sue so much!

Lindsey: “I was getting my hair cut in Orchard Park and sat next to a lovely women, who would soon become a great friend, named Sue. We struck up conversation and since she is so easy to talk to, talking about my lack of relationship at the time just came naturally. After talking for much of our hair appointments (a solid hour), she thought I’d be a good match for her friend, Andrew Walker. When she said his name, I joked that he must be someone famous! ‘Andrew Walker’ just has a nice ring to it! She showed me his picture on Facebook and I said, ‘oh yeah, he’s cute!’ I was hesitant to give my phone number out, so I said he could find me on Facebook and gave her my information to pass on. Sure enough, the next day, I received a message from the famous ‘Andrew Walker.’ He asked me if I knew Sue and I said I met her at a salon in Orchard Park and knew all about him :) He said, (yes, I still remember it to this day), that I was the ‘prettiest Lindsey Erin on Facebook’.

Lindsey: “We talked for about 2 weeks via text message and then after I backed out of our first date due to nerves, we met for coffee at Spot in Orchard Park, and it was a really good first date! I remember it was raining and I felt a little disheveled when I walked in to Spot, but he didn’t care. Andy ordered a hot chocolate and I ordered a chai latte. He even texted me when he got there and asked if he could get me something ahead of time. He’s such a gentleman!! We must have stayed at Spot for almost 3 hours and it felt very natural. Neither of us can say we knew we were the ‘ones’ for each other after our first date, but we can say we hit it off.

Lindsey: “We enjoy hikes and nature. We LOVE taking our golden doodle, Nashville, along for the ride. He keeps us pretty busy! We love skiing and traveling together. We love going to concerts and Bills games! Walking through the village of Hamburg, with our pup of course! Checking out new places to eat (we love food). If you know of any good restaurant recommendations, let us know! Festivals in Buffalo, Albright Knox Art Gallery. Sharing a beer together at the Hamburg Brewing Company or a glass of wine at home. Oh, yeah and we LOVE snuggles and just relaxing together. Sometimes a good book, the couch and a glass of wine, makes for a great time!”

Lindsey: “We feel we compliment each other very nicely. We work as a team. Everything is better and easier when we are together. We have the same tastes, enjoy the same things – we also challenge each other to be our best self (we make each other better). We have a very strong friendship and solid foundation. We make each other laugh and accept each other for who we are! We may not always get along, but we always make up and come to a resolution.

Lindsey: “We value kindness, honesty, friendship, happiness, understanding, peace, family. Oh yeah, and good food!! :)

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