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hannah + max // Private Residence Backyard Wedding

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Hannah and Max’s wedding was absolutely stunning. It was a real coming together of friends and family, and we’re not talking about just the day’s events. Every bit of this wedding was made possible by the love, support and hard work of their closest and most loyal comrades, even the set up and breakdown! It just goes to show how big of an impact friendship and family can have on your wedding day, and you know we’re all about that!

Our amazing associate Nicole had the honor of documenting this beautiful day, and we think she did a fantastic job of it. She has a lovely gift for capturing the moments in between, and if you scroll through Hannah and Max’s day you’ll see just what I mean (a little unintentional poetry for you). Hannah and Max were kind enough to share some really beautiful words about their big day and their love for each other, their family and their friends. I encourage you to read along as you check out all of the stunning details :)

Hannah: “Before we got engaged, (we’d been discussing it for a few months), Max came to me one day and told me that he wanted to propose but didn’t want to get me a ring I didn’t like, and asked for my help. We ended up designing a custom ring together and even selected some specific stones. The proposal itself was still a surprise, but I absolutely cherish the ring and view it as a real symbol of our partnership since we created it together.

Hannah: “My mom was visiting for the weekend, and we thought we’d go look at some dresses just for fun. I hadn’t really done any looking, but thought it would be nice to find a dress with pockets, if there was such a thing. I was nervous – friends of mine who’d recently been married had told me stories of 50+ try-ons, dozens of visits with multiple groups of people, trips to NYC and Toronto and Chicago just for dress shopping. I was prepared for this to be the toughest part of planning my wedding. It just so happened that the first dress I tried on was perfect, exactly the silhouette I was looking for, in my mom’s favorite fabric (raw silk), and HAD POCKETS. We both fell in love and that was it! It turned out to be the easiest part by far – after saying yes, of course :)

Hannah: “We decided to do a ‘First Look’ and I am so glad we did. It gave us a few beautiful moments together to let everything sink in.”

Max: “Originally I didn’t quite understand the idea of the First Look, but it was actually so helpful to re-center myself before the wedding, and it was such a nice moment between the two of us.

Hannah: “I wore my grandmother’s bracelet and a veil borrowed from a lovely woman I met through my work that she’d worn in her own wedding in the 70s.

Hannah: “We hosted our wedding at our home, and many of our friends stayed there for the weekend or came several hours early, to hang out and help set up. This set up two of my favorite moments: the first, looking around at all of our friends doing everything they could to set up chairs, hang decorations, lay place settings, etc., without a complaint or question, made me feel so incredibly grateful to have such a loving and generous chosen family. We truly could not have made the day happen without them. The second came on our way back to the house to gather our parties for more photos. Since so many of our friends were already there, we got to have a ‘first look’ of sorts with them too, a private moment to celebrate with them before everyone else arrived, to express our love and gratitude. It was so special and the photos from those few minutes are still some of my favorites.

Hannah: “Our pup Sammy was our ring bearer with my brother, and wore a bow tie that matched the groomsmen. We’d intended to put him back inside after the ceremony, but he was having such a good time making the rounds and guests were having fun with him, so he stayed out. He’s family too, and we were so happy he could really be a part of the day.

Max: “Both of Hannah’s parents walked her down the aisle, and seeing them all, so happy and crying tears of joy, felt so special and loving – it was a really nice moment.

Hannah: “The ceremony itself was a bit of a blur. I had to hide my face in my bouquet coming down the aisle because I was ugly crying already.

Hannah: “Neither of us is religious, so one of my best friends who has become a mutual dear friend married us, ‘by the power vested in [him] by the internet.’

Hannah: “We wrote our own vows and made them very personal and fun – still one of the parts I get the most comments about from guests! I do remember that I got a laugh during my vows, which I’m still proud of!

Max: “It was so cool to see the tent progressing, from the beginning when we were laying down tablecloths to the flowers being set up and everything was in it’s place. Then finally walking in when it was full of all our friends and family was so heartwarming and emotional.

Hannah: “Our friends had a giant, epic dance off. It was so much fun in the moment and the pictures are incredible and some of my favorites from the day.

Hannah: “Max’s groomsmen printed a notorious photo of him from our college days on a giant poster and displayed it at just the right moment during the Best Man’s speech. It was truly hilarious.

Hannah: “Max and I danced to ‘I’d be Waiting’ by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. It’s one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite bands, and we knew we wanted to do it after seeing them live. We attended dance classes for several months to create a perfect routine that ensured no toes were stepped on :)

Hannah: “It felt good to actually do our first dance that we had been practicing and working on for several months until we knew it by heart. It was another really nice moment to connect with Hannah.

Hannah: “Our wedding day was also my dad’s 64th birthday, so he and I danced to ‘When I’m 64’ by the Beatles.

Hannah: “We briefly blew a fuse and the music went out for a couple of minutes. It could have ruined the party, but instead we started a sing-along until the music came back on, which ended up being a ton of fun instead of a party foul.

Some truly great planning advice from Hannah: “So much pressure is put on weddings and creating the perfect scene, but the key to remember is that at the end of the day, you are hosting people. They will remember their experience and how they felt long after they’ve forgotten your color scheme or the perfectly coordinated tablecloths. This made such a difference and helped us prioritize where to focus our energy and our budget. It’s much harder to get caught up in the agony of choosing things like chair ties when you’re able to say ‘how will this affect my guests’ experience?’ and just let that guide you. Was the food good and plentiful, did the bar have enough servers, were the chairs positioned so guests wouldn’t have the sun in their eyes, in short, have we created a comfortable and welcoming experience where guests can really relax and enjoy themselves. This is what made the difference for us, and it kept us from getting overwhelmed in planning or upset if anything went off-plan during the day. We still get so many comments about our wedding being one of the most fun weddings our guests have ever attended (you can see in the pictures that even our parents’ friends were breaking it down on the dance floor, it’s amazing) and I really credit this approach.

Hannah: “We could not have had a better experience with Ayres! We loved working with Jenn and Nicole so much. They were super receptive throughout the process, and really helped us hone in on what we were looking for with patience and thoughtfulness. Nicole was fabulous on the day, and we, along with our friends and family, love the way the photos turned out.

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Wedding Vendors Include:

Photographer: Nicole of Ayres Photography
Venue: Private Residence
Wedding Coordinator: Live Inspired Events
Makeup Artist: Amanda Lee Shamrock
Hair: Groom Service Beauty Bar
Dress Shop: Lovely Bride Rochester
Dress Designer: Rue De Seine
Men’s Suits: Indochino
Florist: William’s Florist
Ceremony Music: Rob Montone
Catering: Dinosaur BBQ
Tent and Rentals: McCarthy Tents and Events
DJ: Moving Music

lindsey + andy // Marcy Casino Wedding

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I’m so very excited to share Lindsey and Andy’s wedding that was photographed by our associate photographer, Nicole! We’re lucky to have such a fantastic team of photographers who really embody everything we stand for. Nicole does a fantastic job of capturing the emotion, connection, and fluidity of the day. I could not be more proud of what she captured for Lindsey and Andy!  These two, together, are one of the cutest couples on earth, and the words they shared really add something special to this already beautiful post. I hope you take the time to read what they shared as you scroll!! :)

wedding invitation and bouquet close up
bride receiving makeup service from rachel rizzo hair and makeup

Lindsey: “Getting ready with my mom and best friend Lauren was the perfect start to my wedding day. We shared so many laughs and a few glasses of champagne – a perfect combination!

bride smiling while getting her makeup done by rachel rizzo
black and white of bride looking at her updo in the mirror
rsvp card with bride's earrings and bouquet
bride wearing special bridal robe while getting ready at curtiss hotel
custom floral handkerchief with message gift for mother of the bride
bridal shoes and lucky penny

Lindsey: “One of my fondest memories of our wedding was the ‘shoe penny’ my grandma gave me before our ceremony. It was the same penny she wore (for luck) in her shoe on her wedding day, over 60 years ago. My grandparents were blessed with many, many years of happiness and to have a little piece of their love story as we began our journey together as husband and wife, meant so much to us. My grandpa passed away years ago, but having this penny in my shoe, as we said our vows, made me feel just a little closer to him. This is a memory and a tradition that will be shared with our children and grandchildren, and a special memory it is.

bride applying perfume to her wrists in curtiss hotel suite
wedding day card from groom to bride

Lindsey: “The beautiful card Andy wrote for me had me in tears after the first sentence. It was such a special and unforgettable moment for me. His words reminded me of how we met, where we are now, and the exciting future we have ahead.

bride reading a card from the groom
hot pink and orange flowers from william's florist

Lindsey: “I found my wedding dress at the first bridal shop my mom and I went to – Bliss Bridal in Hamburg. I must have tried on a dozen dresses before finding ‘the one’. I had no idea what style I wanted so I tried as many variations as I could – this may have been one of the last ones I tried on. I loved the romantic feel of the lace and the open back. I added some bling with a belt and it really made the dress pop. Adding the belt sealed the deal!

bride posing on a bench in the lobby of the curtiss hotel
black and white portrait of groom adjusting his tie in the park
bride and groom laughing just before their first look

Lindsey: “Nothing can take away from the experience of our First Look. The excitement and anticipation and then FINALLY seeing my soon-to-be husband for the first time! I remember walking up to him and tapping him on the shoulder. Our photographer, Nicole, said ‘Hold on one second!’ and we were laughing so loud. Then we saw each other, embraced, and all my nerves went away. It may sound corny, but that’s exactly what happened. It was so sweet and romantic – more than I could have ever dreamed of. We shared so many laughs and kisses during our First Look and got some of the jitters out of the way.

groom turning around to see bride during first look

Andy: “The First Look felt like forever that I had to wait to see Lindsey. It was so nerve-wracking and then it was here. It was so worth the wait!!

bride and groom hugging after the first look
black and white of bride and groom kissing
close up of bride's white hot pink and orange bouquet from williams florist
wedding party posing under a willow tree in delaware park
bride and groom together on the dock at hoyt lake

Lindsey: “Andy and I  have the same tastes, enjoy the same things – we also challenge each other to be our best self. We have a very strong friendship and solid foundation. We make each other laugh and accept each other for who we are! We may not always get along, but we always make up and come to a resolution. Everything is better and easier when we are together.

bride and groom laughing together in the park
side by side portraits of the bride and groom
groom and his groomsmen in delaware park with blue suits
bride laughing with maid of honor in delaware park
wedding party posing on a path in the park
bride and groom smiling at each other next to hoyt lake
groomsmen in blue suits next to hoyt lake
wedding party laughing together under a willow tree
bride and groom smiling together under a willow tree
wedding sign at delaware park rose garden
mother of the groom being escorted down the aisle
mother of the bride being escorted by her son down the aisle
violinist from string brothers at wedding ceremony
maid of honor walking down the aisle with bride and groom's dog
bride walking down the aisle with her father

Lindsey: “As someone who has always been a daddy’s girl, walking down the aisle with one of my best friends – my dad – was something I looked forward to since I was old enough to actually picture my wedding day. He said a combination of sweet and funny things during our walk, probably so we wouldn’t cry too hard. He rubbed my hand as we walked down the aisle and reminded me to ‘walk slower’. He said he didn’t want to me to walk too fast, but I think he wanted to cherish those precious minutes for as long as possible. I know I did.

groom at the altar waiting for the bride
bride and her father smiling as the come down the aisle
black and white of father of the bride helping her up the steps at the ceremony

Andy: “Reading our vows and seeing my beautiful bride walk down the aisle. I will never forget those moments.

bride and groom at the altar at delaware park rose garden wedding ceremony
bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony

Lindsey: “We had our pup, Nashville, in the wedding. He stood up there as our most loyal and loving companion. He looked so cute with his collar on and we got awesome pictures! Yay Nashville!

dog sitting at the altar during wedding ceremony
bride hugging a speech giver during the ceremony
bride and groom exchanging rings at delaware park rose garden
bride and groom watering a tree during plant ceremony at wedding
bride and groom reading vows to each other
bride and groom laughing during vow exchange

Lindsey: “Did I mention the kiss? Wow. Best kiss EVER!!!”

black and white of bride and groom i do kiss
bride and groom smiling as the walk up the aisle
bride and groom kissing at the end of the aisle at delaware park rose garden
bride and groom laughing together after ceremony
bride and groom posing with their dog at delaware park
black and white of bride and groom kissing at hoyt lake
bride and groom by the water at hoyt lake
bride and groom smiling at each other in front of hoyt lake
bride and groom kissing on the edge of hoyt lake
black and white of bride smiling at the camera with groom
reception decor inside marcy casino with cake and succulent favors
bride hugging a wedding guest at the reception
bride and wedding guests toasting each other at cocktail hour
bride chatting with a wedding guest during cocktail hour
bride and groom grand reception entrance at marcy casino
bride and groom cutting cake made by blue eyed baker
black and white of bride and groom kissing in front of cake
father of the friend toasting during his speech

Lindsey: “My dad’s speech probably went on for 10 minutes too long! He had everyone in stitches and definitely put a lot of thought and time into his words. That’s something I’ll never forget.

bride and groom cheering during the speeches
wedding guests looking on during the speeches
maid of honor delivering a speech to bride and groom
bride and groom laughing during mad of honor speech
bride and groom enter outdoor tented patio for first dance
black and white of bride and groom during first dance

Lindsey: “We chose ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran for our first dance. His song embodies what love is all about. With each passing year, and in our old age, we will still love each other the same way we do now. If we can manage to get through life’s toughest challenges, the highs and lows of marriage, and still love each other with the same passion and sentiment as we do today, then we are blessed.

bride and groom dancing together under tent
black and white of groom twirling bride during first dance

Lindsey: “We took dance classes a couple months before the wedding and worked on a choreographed dance. It had a lift in it and we both wanted to get it just right. Well, when the time finally came, we nailed it! From beginning to end. Our friends and family cheered and all our hard work paid off. What a memory (and a great sense of accomplishment!)

Andy: “Everything for our first dance went off without a hitch!

groom lifting bride on the dance floor
black and white portrait of two elderly wedding guests

Lindsey: “‘I Loved Her First’ by Heartland was the song my dad chose for our father/daughter dance. Growing up, we went to many father/daughter dances together, but this was our favorite. I initially wanted to do a mash up of several songs, starting out with a slow song and then kicking it into high gear, but my dad insisted on this song and I am so happy he did! Dancing with my dad, cheek to cheek, as we did so many times when I was a little girl, is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was a hard day for him, as it is for most dads who are close to their daughters, but we shared many special moments and laughs together throughout the day – it was perfect!

bride hugging her father on the dance floor
bride and her father laughing during father daughter dance
groom and his mother during mother son dance

Andy: “My mom and I danced to ‘Days Like This’ by Van Morrison. It was very fitting for my mom and I to dance to this song because growing up, she always use to tell me how great things would be, and she was right!

mother of the groom and her son smiling on the dance floor

Andy: “Everyone had such a great time – no drama!! The whole day from beginning to end was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better setting!

wedding guests having fun at the reception at marcy casino
black and white of bride and groom walking together along hoyt lake
portrait of bride and groom smiling at each other at sunset
black and white of bride and groom hugging and gazing at the lake together

A bit of advice from Lindsey and Andy: “Take it one step at a time, and remember everyone wants your day to be as perfect as you do. Try your best not to stress the small stuff (although it can be hard) and remember to take in every second. It goes by SOOOOOO fast!! Every one told us that, and, man is it true. Hire a videographer and an awesome photographer and make sure you get all those great candid memories in print and on film. You’ll be so happy you did!!

The Ayres Preferred Vendor List was a tremendous help and all the vendors we used from that list were excellent! The demeanor and thoughtfulness in all of the communication with the Ayres Team was much appreciated. Planning a wedding is so stressful and their expertise and timely responses take some of the burden off the couple. We couldn’t be happier to have chosen Ayres Photography to capture our amazing day. Not only do we have INCREDIBLE pictures, we have made some new friends :)

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Wedding Vendors Include:

Photographer: Nicole of Ayres Photography
Bridal Suite: Curtiss Hotel
Hair and Make-Up: Rachel Rizzo Hair and Makeup
Dress Shop: Bliss Bridal
Dress Designer: Pronovias
Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Look: Calvin Klein
Ceremony: Delaware Park Rose Garden
Ceremony Music: String Brothers
Reception: Marcy Casino
Florist: William’s Florist
Cake: Blue Eyed Baker
DJ: CJ Sound
Videographer: Two Palm Films

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