Happy Mother’s Day // An Ode to Mamas

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There’s really nothing in the world quite like being a mother, especially in those first fleeting years of your child’s life. Experiencing their first steps, their first words, their first bike ride. The first time they touch grass and feel the wind on their face. Seeing the world through their eyes; in the simplest and most extraordinary way. The way they dance like no one is watching, because they don’t care if anyone is (or maybe they hope that everyone is). The way they experience their emotions to the very fullest and purest extent. The way they look at you like you’re the only person in the world who matters. You know that look, because it’s the very same way that you look at them.

It’s nearly impossible to put the joy of being a mother into words, but, it’s also incredibly hard work. As a team full of moms, we know at Ayres that the #momlife struggle is real. It’s filled with high highs, but at times, some pretty low lows. The balancing act is never perfected, try as we might, and it likely never will be. And we know that’s okay, and it’s normal, and it’s all a part of this life. Being a mom is the most important and most difficult job you’ll ever have. No matter how much you love your children, there will always be moments when you think to yourself, “I am not strong enough for this. I am not smart enough for this. I simply am not enough.” But, we’re here to remind you that you ARE enough. Just the fact that you have those types of thoughts is proof in itself. Proof that you love your child so immensely that you want to, need to and strive to be the best mom that you can be for them, even if it means questioning your entire process sometimes. And that is all your child will ever truly need.

At the end of a long day, when you’re completely exhausted, you have food in your hair and an overflowing kitchen sink, when you (somehow) managed to check two boxes off your To Do List but then you added four more, when the laundry didn’t get done, and you don’t remember when you last washed your hair, when you’re on the edge of a complete meltdown… your sweet babe will put their arms around your neck, and snuggle their face into your cheek. They will look at you the same way they always do – like you are their sun, their moon, and their stars. And you will remember exactly why this life you lead, the one that sometimes feels like hardly a life at all, is completely 100% worth it.

So, here’s to all the moms out there, and to all the incredible moments that make it all worth it. Happy Mother’s Day, mama. You got this.

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