the mentoring sessions // 2016 – shannon + nicole

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Shannon and Nicole both planned on doing individual mentoring sessions, but since they wanted to work on the same things (and I knew they were friends!), I asked if they were up for combining their sessions. I was so happy they were up for it, because three = a party. ;)  We had such a great time talking about photography, motherhood, and business.  Teaching is the thing that has been missing from my life for far too long; I’m so grateful to be able to share knowledge and experience, and make wonderful friends in the process. I left feeling totally inspired by these ladies!

The main focus of our time together was how to improve the look of on-camera flash, so we met up at a local wedding venue to allow for practice in a low light situation. We talked about what settings to use to bring more ambient light into reception photos, and avoid that “black hole” effect. We talked about how cameras read light, and how making a few very minor tweaks can make a big impact. We also briefly touched on slow exposure light painting, and crept into a dark, empty room at the hotel to practice our technique. (Light painting is an easy way to create gorgeous, high impact night portraits of couples, and all you need is a tripod and a video light!)

We stood there in that dark empty room for a while longer, and chatted about their business goals. I shared my thoughts on “the competition,” and why that’s not something to be concerned about. Focusing on what other people are doing is the quickest way to lose momentum as a creative and as a business owner. No one else can offer exactly what you can offer, or shoot the exact way you shoot, or see the world the same way you do, because there is only one you; that is what you should focus your energy on. I am confident that these two are going to go on to do some pretty incredible things. I am so excited to see their businesses grow in the coming months!

Nicole owns New Photography, and specializes in newborns, children, and families.  You can check out her work here: New Photography

Shannon owns Shannon Glurich Photography and specializes in weddings, children, and families.  You can check out here work here: Shannon Glurich Photography

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Shannon: “Jenn was a true pleasure to work with. She was so kind and with her many years of experience she gave me a lot of helpful tricks to improve my techniques. Jenn answered all of my questions and if she was unsure of the answer she took the time to help me find it. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their photography skills. I cannot wait to put my new skills to the test and continue to learn and grow my in photography business.”

Nicole: “I have had a chance to mentor with Jenn twice now. She is an open book and loves to help other people learn instead of turning people away. She wants to build a community of good honest people and I appreciate that more then she will ever know. The experience of meeting with Jenn is easy and comfortable; she really gives great advice. I loved working with her and I hope to take more mentoring sessions from Jenn throughout my photography journey. She really is a wonderful person and if you are on the fence of whether or not to do a mentoring session with her, then its time to JUMP! It’s worth every second. Thank you, Jenn, so much for such a wonderful experience! I cant wait until we set up another session!”

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