ellie + dan // Pearl at the Webb Wedding

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Ellie and Dan are the type of couple who love life and don’t take it too seriously, (which we LOVE!). On their wedding day they weren’t afraid to put their own spin on things, including involving a little Game of Thrones during the ceremony and some stellar moves on the dance floor later on. Ellie is super creative. She even runs her own amazing Etsy shop: Silla Rojo where she does custom pet and home drawings as well as illustrating fantastically snarky greeting cards. She used her graphic design background and creative eye to put her stamp on so many pieces of their big day. E+D truly made this day their own! We loved this wedding so much, and especially loved these two incredible humans. Sharing this beautiful day has been a long time coming and we’re so so happy to finally be able to do it!!

Ellie: “We knew we wanted to have a wedding that represented us – laid-back and a little eclectic. I’m a graphic designer and absolutely loved designing and crafting all the details, everything from the faux bouquets to the gold animal place cards. We made everything ourselves so the day truly felt like us.

Ellie: “We chose a fall palette of navy and burgundy. My dress had lace flower details and I wore my hair down with a flower crown, sans veil. I designed my bouquet using faux flowers and succulents so that it was truly unique (and could last forever!).

Dan: “I’m glad I got to see Ellie before we were in front of everyone. She had such a hard time not showing me her dress before the wedding so I could tell how excited she was for me to finally see it. She looked stunning.

Ellie: “It was such an intimate moment to have a private first look with just Dan. I had wanted to show him my dress so many times because I’m terrible at keeping secrets with him. It was worth waiting. The smile he gave me when he first turned around made all my nerves for the day disappear.

Ellie: “We wanted our bridal party to look organically mismatched so we had everyone pick their own dresses and suits within the palette. We love how all the different shades and textures came together!

Ellie: “We recommend to decide the 2 or 3 things of your wedding that are most important to you, like the photographer, dress or DJ and don’t stress about the rest. Something will inevitably go wrong, but the bride and groom set the tone for the day so if you don’t let it bother you, everyone else will relax and have a good time.”

Ellie: “We chose our venue, Pearl at the Webb, for it’s simple and rustic-looking wood and brick, and accented it with only baby’s breath and white candles.

Ellie: “We set the tone for the night with my walking down the aisle with my dad to the Game of Throne’s theme song. As expected, everyone burst out laughing and I think everyone relaxed and had a fun time after that.

Dan: “Hearing the Game of Thrones song play and then seeing Ellie turn down the aisle beaming and laughing with her dad reminded me why I love her.

Dan: “I knew my vows would make Ellie cry, and she did too. She made me go second so she could get through hers.

Ellie: “Dan absolutely blew me away with his wedding vows. We both wrote our own, but he even memorized his! I was laughing and crying all at once because he so sweetly summed up our relationship. I love that my family got to see what a kind, creative, and humorous man I was marrying.

Ellie: “My grandmother Marnie was very close to me and had passed, so I included her in our day with a photo charm tied to my bouquet.

Ellie: “My parents are also crafty and helped create my vision. We cut and assembled accordion-paper-ribbon programs, painted 100+ toy animals gold and attached photo holders for the place cards, and my woodturner dad made all the wooden table number stands. My mom patiently made all 100+ chocolate buffalo-shaped favors.

Ellie: “Try to think about your guests on your big day. They’ve probably traveled far and spent a lot of money to join you, so make sure they’ll be comfortable and have fun. Take the time to walk to each table and thank them for coming. Plan shuttles, make sure there’s enough seating, food, etc.

Ellie: “We both like rap music and found a rare Drake song about love… kind of. Our first dance was ‘Hold On, We’re Coming Home’ and we had some fun with it.

Ellie: “Dancing with my dad was one of my favorite wedding memories. Since I was little, my dad and I talked about choreographing a father-daughter song. But he also wanted to include a song that played on the radio the day I was born, ‘What a Wonderful World.’ So we started off slow and then about a minute in, to everyone’s surprise, the ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ beat dropped. We mixed together a custom track of the dougie, whip and nae nae, and stanky leg and danced to each. He was such a good sport to learn to ‘dougie’ just 2 days before our wedding, and it totally encapsulates how supportive he’s been my whole life. I’m so glad we have a video to show my kids one day.

Ellie: “We wanted a photographer who would capture the organic, candid, and emotional moments of our day and finding Jenn and Ben was a dream come true. They were a perfect fit for us. Jenn’s consistent communication and organization immediately let us relax through the planning process. Jenn and Ben are genuinely kind people, so people naturally felt comfortable around them on the day. We cannot recommend them enough!

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Vendors Include:

Getting Ready Location: Lofts on Pearl
Wedding Venue: Pearl at the Webb
Hair and Make-up: Rachel Rizzo Hair and Makeup with Del Monte Hair System
Dress Shop: MA Carr
Officiant: Kim Salt of Kimberlily Creek
Cake: Elm Street Bakery
DJ: Jammin Sound
Videographer: Asa Shutts of Shutts Production