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We met Paige and Trevor back in 2015 when we photographed Paige’s sister’s wedding (Ashley + Ethan!!), and we loved them instantly. They are sweet and genuine souls with wide-open hearts, and their families are equally wonderful. I’ve gotten to know Paige’s family pretty well just through being a part of both weddings, so I already knew what incredible people they were, but getting to know Trevor’s family a little bit this time around was wonderful, too. Both of their families are made up of warm, supportive people who love authentically. It’s no surprise at all that they are perfect for each other.

This wedding happened in February, but weirdly, it was like 65 degrees that day, so it totally looks like a beautiful spring day! #nocomplaintshere It was our first time at The Strathallan, and we absolutely loved it. That rooftop!!! You can see so much of Rochester from up there; the view is totally impressive.  My favorite part of the day (aside from the rooftop portraits at sunset, of course) was the ceremony, because the absolute joy on Paige and Trevor’s faces was a truly special thing to witness. There’s no doubt about it, friends; we live in a crazy world. Having a front row seat to the most genuine love stories week after week is a constant reminder that life is a beautiful journey, and I’m pretty grateful for that.

Paige and Trevor were kind enough to share a little bit about their love story, their wedding day, and even some advice for those of you still in the planning phase, so be sure to read their comments!

Paige: “I met Trevor in high school! Later in life Trevor reached out to me on Facebook, and I mentioned it to my sister. He happened to be the tennis partner of my sisters boyfriend at the time, and my sister decided it was time for Trevor and I to meet up, so they scheduled a surprise visit!

Paige: “The day we moved in together, Trevor was unpacking a box in the bedroom and I was down the hall and he hollered out, ‘Hey Paige, what’s this!?’ and all I could think is ‘what could he be referring to….that room is completely empty!!’ Then I walked in and he was in the door way on his knee and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ with a GIANT smile on his face! And I jumped up and down and started crying and screaming, obviously happy tears and cheers! And said, ‘YES!!!'”

Trevor: “I loved having my three groomsman in our new house getting ready for the big day. I don’t get to see them as often as I used to, so having them all together that morning was special.

Trevor: “Waiting in the back of the church with Kellen, who is my brother, my best man, and my best friend was one of the most nervous and exciting moments of my life. It was right before the ceremony began, and we were able to have some one-on-one time which helped calm my nerves down.

Trevor: “I loved that moment when I first saw Paige walking down the aisle with her dad. I nearly lost it when he ‘handed her over’ to me.

Paige: “One of my favorite memories was seeing the ballroom for the first time. We were just headed to the back door to take pictures on on the balcony, and for whatever reason, even though I knew we had to walk through it, I didn’t realize we would be seeing the ballroom for the first time right then. I was completely stunned and shocked at how gorgeous and perfect it was!!!!

Paige: “I loved the cocktail hour. I seemed to have been separated from Trevor for the entire cocktail hour but Trevor’s, and now my, nephew, and our ring bearer stood next to me the entire time. He brought me water and held my flowers if I needed my hands for anything. He was a big help.

Paige: “During our first dance, I looked at Trevor and said ‘all of these people are here for us’. And I’m pretty sure we stopped dancing, and looked around at everyone and I just started crying. I felt so loved that entire day!

Trevor: “The first dance with Paige was an amazing memory, but the dance with my mom was unforgettable. There was a time where I looked her in the eye and said “Mom, I’m drunk” and then just started sobbing on her shoulder. She then patted me on the back and said, ‘It’s okay, my boy’.

Paige: “When the dancing got started Trevor and I were together the entire time and it was such a blast. We loved every song our band, Something Else, played; it was perfect! I loved all of the dancing! I wasn’t entirely expecting so many people to be out on the dance floor! I was pleasantly surprised, even seeing the pictures afterward, how many people were there all night and dancing so much!

Trevor: “It was incredible seeing all of the people at the reception, and watching them celebrating our love!

Paige: “My dad writes song parodies and sings them at any party/event (normally his end-of-the-season golf league parties or graduation parties). My dad’s song was awesome and towards the end of the night it kept the party going!

Paige: “Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s! At the time of the wedding and during the party, you won’t think about anyone else except for who is there with you that night. And they are the only ones who matter. Your special day with your significant other is YOURS and no one else’s so don’t think what ‘he’ or ‘she’ is doing. If you follow your heart, have faith that it will be exactly as it should be and you will be exactly where you are meant to be that day.  Also, don’t worry if something goes ‘wrong’ or not as planed. No one else knows the plan. It won’t matter at all!

Working with Ben and Jenn was an amazing experience. I don’t know what it is about them, but you just automatically know you are in good hands. They make their relationship with you, as a couple and individuals, very personal. They take the time learn about you and help you. They are the best!

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Wedding Vendors Include:

Church: Church of the Assumption
Downtime Bar Photos: B-Side
Reception: The Strathallan Hotel & Spa
Make-Up Artist: Brianna Silva
Hair Stylist: Leah St. Mary
Dress Designer: Justin Alexander Sweetheart Collection
Wedding Dress Shop: Heart To Heart Bridal
Groom’s Look: Incognito Menswear
Florist: Flower Power
Cake: Rochester NY Wedding Cakes
Chair Rental: Spatola’s Party Rental Inc.
Flatware and Chargers: McCarthy Tents and Events
Uplighting: Showcase Sound
Videographer: Fruit Tree Studio
Band: Something Else