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There are so many ways to personalize your wedding day, from the invitation suite to the flowers, even your officiant can be personalized! (Having your ceremony officiated by a family member or a friend – can’t get much more personal than that!) But what about your venue? Sure, you picked it. You’re having a florist add some color to it… BUT – did you know that you can take things a step further?! That’s right! You can now personalize your venue!! How?? With rentals! And not just any rentals. We’re talking gorgeous, one of a kind vintage rentals from quaint vintage rental & design co (yes, it’s a lowercase “q”, and don’t you forget it!).

Hoping to add a little vintage glam to your reception? quaint has it. Want to bring in some comfortable and unique seating to your cocktail hour? quaint can do it! Want to sit on a thrown at your head table like the qween you are? quaint. Want your dessert table to look as incredible as your desserts? quaint. Want someone to set up an entire lounge area in your backyard so that the grass is transformed from empty outdoor space to a quirky outside living room, enticing your guests to get cozy on the couches while they breath in the fresh air and watch the sun set on your perfect day, putting their feet up on the coffee tables, laughing and joking and talking late into the evening as the twinkle lights above mimic the amazing stars in the sky because, oh yeah, YOU’RE SITTING ON A COUCH OUTSIDE?! *breath* I think you get the point. :)

Rebecca Duda, quaint’s owner and lover of unique furniture finds, took some time to answer a whole slew of crazy questions we had for her! Read on to hear more about her, her awesome shop, and the ins and outs of booking a Pop Up Wedding! What the heck is a Pop Up Wedding, you ask? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.

How would you describe yourself in three words or less?

Energetic, kind, unique.

Tell us a little bit about quaint!

quaint is my baby! We started with only a few pieces, and now we offer a wide range of sofas, chairs, custom farm tables, plenty of large & small props, glassware, etc. Our inventory is constantly growing! Being able to see these one-of-a-kind pieces being used in couples’ wedding days, and other fun events, really makes me happy. Bringing a touch of charm to such a special day is what we do. Our pieces add that unique element that gets guests talking and really remembering that particular celebration. I always say that great conversations happen when our pieces are present. :)

How did you decide to start your own rental business?

I worked with a wedding planner for several years, and found that there seemed to be a lack of unique rental items in the industry. I’ve always loved antique items, and am considered an old soul by many, so when I was seeing unique furniture pieces and props being used in different ways, in different areas of the country, I thought it was a great idea to bring to this area! It’s so much fun searching for new inventory pieces and creating new items to add to our always growing collection. The hunt is always the most fun!

What type of items do you have available for rental?

We have: sofas, love seats, chairs, 22 farm tables, coffee & end tables, dressers, vanities, hutches, trunks, rugs, pews, mantels, doors, arbors, brass shelving, bar carts, suitcases, brass candles, books, mirror trays, china, tea cups, chandeliers, lanterns, and lots of other fun and unique options! As we mentioned before, our inventory is always growing!

What services do you provide to your clients?

We offer styling services with our pieces and can help with the layout design as well. We also handle the delivery and pick ups of all items.

What is it about Buffalo that makes you love living and working here?

I’m a proud Buffalonian! I always thought I wanted to get away from here, but when I went to college in LA, I realized Buffalo is actually a great place to live and grow! Especially with all the good that’s happening now, I’m so excited to bring quaint to this area!

What is your favorite thing to do in Buffalo?

I love to bike ride throughout WNY. It’s so relaxing and you get out and see so many different places and people! Also the food is fabulous, so exploring new restaurants and eateries is always a good idea :)

Summer or Winter??

Definitely a summer gal!

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I love finding and creating new inventory pieces for quaint. Also being able to meet new clients and vendors is such a great experience. I’ve met some wonderful people through this business, and I hope to continue for some time to come!

Cats or dogs?


What is it that keeps you coming back to this job day after day?

quaint is my passion. I work another full time job, so having this small business allows me that creative outlet that I crave and need in my life. The rental business can be tough, but at the end of the day I love what I do, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being able to see the happy faces of the brides and kind comments when we drop off and style spaces, is really what makes me keep going! It’s such a joy for me to share my vintage beauties with others!

Where do you get all of your rental pieces from?

Many places! I get them from estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, online garage sales, craigslist, side of the road (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure :). I also get pieces from people contacting me with items they’d like to go to a good home. We constantly acquire one piece at a time.

Anything new in stock this season??

We have some new coffee tables, love seats, singer sewing machine, lanterns, etc. We’re always adding something new. I currently have a love seat getting reupholstered in a lilac velvet…I can’t wait to see it completed! I have several more reupholstering projects down the road as well.

What’s the most unique item that you’ve ever come across in your treasure hunting?

I’d have to say my pink velvet, 3 piece sectional sofa. Colette was a random find, and I was in awe when I saw her! I knew I had to have this! I could just stare at this piece all day, it’s so lovely. It was created specifically for a congressmen’s wife here in Buffalo, back in the 50’s. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece.

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

The wedding industry is always changing and there’s something new always happening. I love how no 2 weddings are alike, and it’s so great seeing the personalities of each couple being showcased with unique design choices throughout their big day. It’s an exciting industry to be in, and I love being a part of it so much!

What’s your favorite movie?

The Notebook!

What is your favorite type of couple to work with? Who would you consider “your people”?

I love working with clients that aren’t afraid of the eclectic looks. Using different pieces throughout a wedding or event, really makes it stand out and create a fun and beautiful environment for guests to be a part of. Who wants a cookie cutter wedding?! Having unique rentals can really help add that touch of charm!

What was the most fun or unique wedding/event decor that you’ve ever been a part of?

Sometimes it’s the smaller shoots or events that seem to be the most creative fun! I loved putting together the Mad Hatter shoot for a family photo session in the woods. It was so great being able to create a scene that comes to life and really tells a story! I also loved throwing the 60th birthday party in the woods. Taking beautiful pieces and placing them in settings you wouldn’t typically see, really brings that unique look and feel to the event. Overall, I love putting together spaces that will enhance or take you to another place. Why not create those magical backdrops that truly allow for the guests to be immersed in a different world for a little bit. Just makes life more fun, don’t you think?

What’s your favorite color?

Black – it’s classic :)

Tell us about your new “Pop Up Weddings”! What are they? How does it work? Give us all the details!

I’m so excited to offer these intimate weddings! Pop Up Weddings are 90 minute, all-inclusive ceremony celebrations for couples and about 20 guests. There is a set package price which includes:

– The venue
– Photographer
– Florist – ceremony decor, and a bouquet and boutonniere
– Officiant
– Baker – couple’s cake and dessert for each guest
– Hair & Makeup
– Beverage station
– Rentals & styling by us

Each Pop Up Wedding will be different and have a different theme/style. We announce the next pop up through social media, and it’s a first come, first serve basis when booking. Think of these weddings as an elaborate elopement. It’s for those who just want a quick celebration with a few family and friends, and then they’re free to go off after the 90 minutes and have a nice dinner or plan a backyard bash! It takes the stress out of planning and offers couples an intimate and unforgettable wedding, for a set price tag. All they have to do is pick out their attire and send out invites, we handle the rest!

And lastly, share some fun facts about yourself! Anything that will amp up how awesome we already know that you are!

  1. I’m a big Disney fan! I love Disney World. I love Walt’s idea of wanting to create a place where people could go to forget about the real world for a little while. I feel like that’s what we try to do in some ways with my rental company. We are just trying to create spaces that can hopefully give guests a fun and unique environment, where they can relax and forget about their problems for a little bit. Everybody needs this mental escape. Disney World is definitely mine! :)
  2. I work at a local toy company full time.
  3. I have THE best family and friends, and an amazing and supportive boyfriend!

That’s all folks! :) Thank you!!!

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Find quaint on Facebook and on Instagram and give Rebecca a follow to see more of her beautiful vintage rentals!

liz + zack // Becker Farms Wedding

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If you’ve been following along with our blogging and social media for a little while, you’ll probably have noticed by now that the core of our mission is to document the beautiful emotional connection that our couples share with their families and friends. While a wedding day is often thought of to be a celebration of the bride and groom, it’s really more a celebration of family. Celebrating the family members who made us who we are today, remembering and honoring those who are no longer with us, celebrating the joining of two separate families into one, and of course, celebrating the birth of a brand new family unit. Liz and Zack certainly had no shortage of any of these things on their wedding day. Liz wore her family’s 1959 heirloom wedding gown with great pride, needing only a few minor adjustments, and accompanied by very special heirloom jewelry. Zack and his father took the time to restore his great grandfather’s 1941 tractor specifically to have on the premises, not just a great addition to the setting at Becker Farms, but a beautiful reminder of the bond that still stands strong between the generations in his family.

Read along to find out more about Liz and Zack, including how they met (mini breakdown: Liz sees. Liz likes. Liz conquers), as well as reading about all of the sweet little ways they incorporated their family into so much of their big day. We love these two! And hope you guys do, too!

invitation suite with bride's jewlery
bride having her dress buttoned by bridal party members

Liz: “My ceremony gown was a family heirloom, first worn by my dad’s mom in 1959 and then again by my mother in 1987. I’d always figured I would wear it on my wedding day, to keep the tradition going, and to know that I was marrying the man of my dreams in the same dress my mom married my dad in. The dress hasn’t altered much over the years. It originally had long lace sleeves when my grandma wore it, then my mom replaced those with the short, poofy ones classic to 80s weddings. I chose to take off the sleeves entirely. Additionally, underneath the skirt of the dress is a medallion of fabric cut from my other grandmother’s wedding dress, so both my grandmas were present even though only one is still with us today.

wedding bands and engagement ring laying on lace with ivory pearl necklace

Liz: “I wore my grandmother (Mimi)’s pearls, which my mom and all her sisters wore on their wedding days. I also wore a gold and ruby bracelet that my grandfather bought my Mom. It was one of the last gifts he gave her before he passed away.

full length shot of bride in a field holding bouquet made by lipinoga florist
bride and groom having first look in a field

Liz: “Our First Look had me in tears immediately. I couldn’t believe how handsome Zack looked, like, that’s my husband!!! I get to MARRY that man! Every time I see him I still hear trumpets. We highly suggest doing a First Look. The amount of time it saves after the ceremony and the less stress it involves is totally worth it. Having that private moment with your soon-to-be spouse is really special. And I still cried when I saw him at the end of the aisle, so none of that magic is lost. Plus, you get to enjoy cocktail hour!

bride and groom hugging after first look
bride and groom gazing at each other in a field
bride and groom holding hands and smiling at each other

Zack: “I love the book Liz made me. It means a lot that she put all the time and effort into making something that special for me.

bride giving groom a handmade scrapbook gift
bride and groom posing near a wooded area
bride smiling and posing with her bouquet of white and light pink flowers

Liz: “Zack and I met on the first day of orientation for our freshman year at Alfred University (August 25, 2011 to be exact!). I had gone to the dining hall with my roommate and a friend for dinner. Zack and his roommate sat down at our table — they were 20′ long tables — and they sat a little ways away from us. I invited them to sit closer to us so we could all chat and they moved down but both sat on the same side of the table. I told ‘the one with light hair’ (that was Zack) to move to the other side of the table so I could talk to him. I moved down, sat across from him, and asked him rapid-fire questions about where he was from, major, minor, dorm, hobbies, etc. I then told him he should come over and watch a movie, took his phone and put my number in it, and then told him we should go to the orientation activities together. He obliged to all of it with good humor for having been basically harassed by some random girl during dinner.

bride and groom strolling hand in hand through a field
bride looking sassy with bridal party in front of crates at becker farms
black and white of groom and groomsmen in front of wooden palettes at becker farms
bride and groom together at becker farms

Liz: “Zack’s family has always wanted to go look for moose in my home state of New Hampshire, so we went with his parents on Halloween weekend to NH. We stayed at my parents’ house. Saturday night I was upstairs getting ready to go out for Halloween with my best friend when Zack’s mom called me and my friend downstairs. Both our families, and Zack, were sitting in the dining room, Zack had put on a nice shirt, and he had this smug smile on his face. He then got up and walked towards me with his hands behind his back, so at this point I knew what was happening. He proposed, I said yes, we got in costume and went out and celebrated our engagement with Halloween festivities!

groom wrapping arms around bride in front of wooden crates becker farms
groomsmen lined up in front of becker farms wood palette wall
Liz: “I can’t not mention how cool Jenn was when my ‘maids and I brought out Bouncy the Traveling Clown, a small clown figurine the 3 of us have brought all over the world (literally!) and taken pictures with. He’s an icon.

close up of small clown toy resting on bride's bouquet
bride gazing up at groom as he stands with his arms around her
bride and groom kissing in front of wooden crate wall at becker farms
bride and bridesmaids smiling with wooden crates in background
bride and groom touching foreheads and smiling
groom and groomsman casually standing in front of wood wall at becker farms
black and white of bride and bridal party
groom kissing brides forehead as he wraps arms around her
bride and 2 bridesmaids smiling and holding bouquets
bridal party in front of becker farms barn walking towards camera

Liz: “Zachary and his dad restored his great-grandfather’s 1941 John Deere Model B tractor for the wedding — years ago I told Zack I wanted it to be at the wedding, and he made it happen!

Zack: “Even though the tractor didn’t run I’m still really glad we got pictures with it and everyone enjoyed it. The tractor means a lot to me.

groom and groomsmen posing with restored 1941 john deere tractor
wedding ceremony programs in a basket
wedding guests waiting for ceremony to begin
parents of the bride walking down the aisle
two flowers girls in light pink dresses walking hand in hand down the aisle
two ring bearers holding a sign together walking down the aisle
a flower girl sitting on a wedding guest's lap

Liz: “Right before we walked down the aisle, my dad told me he had something important to tell me. And then as we were walking down the aisle he started to quote a line from one of our favorite movies, Moonstruck, and it was hilarious.

bride's father escorting her down the aisle at becker farms
groom awaiting his bride under the grapevine arbor
bride and her father smiling as the walk down the aisle
black and white of bride hugging her father at the end of the aisle
bridesmaids looking on while holding bouquets of white and pink flowers

Liz: “The poem read during the ceremony, E.E. Cumming’s ‘I Carry Your Heart (I Carry It In My Heart)’ is one of my favorite poems by my favorite poet. I know it by heart and have for years.

bride and groom facing each other under a grapevine arbor
mother of the bride talking with flower girl
bride smiling up at groom during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands under a grapevine arbor at becker farms

Zack: “During the vows, after I said ‘I, Zachary, take you, Elizabeth’, Liz said ‘I, Zachary, take you, Zachary’ – it was funny!

wedding guests smiling during the ceremony at becker farms
bride placing a wedding band on groom's finger

Liz: “We both come from very close, large families, so we place a very high value our families. We place high value on honesty and openness. We’ve never allowed for stagnancy in our relationship because we believe in fluidity and growing together. We also really value quality time. Kindness, communication, gratitude, all these things are so important to us.

flower standing and holding a wedding guest's hand
black and white of bride and groom kissing at the end of the wedding ceremony
bride and groom hold each other while bride cries
bride and groom kissing under grapevine arbor at becker farms

Liz: “I loved being surrounded by the most important people in our lives and just feeling absolutely loved and supported. The joy that weddings bring is contagious and being able to share that with everyone who was made me so happy.

bride and groom holding hands and walking up the aisle after ceremony
parents and grandparents of the bride walking up the aisle after ceremony
two flower girls sitting on a log with bouquets and light pink dresses

Liz: “Being able to incorporate so many personal touches into the day was important to us. We’re both very family-oriented and creative/handy, so wherever we could make things more personal, we tried our best. We DIYed the programs, centerpieces, and favors! The centerpieces I owe to my mom, who snagged all of the books we used from a library sale for a total of about $20! Some of my favorite books of all time were used, which gave it a personal touch too. I had our cake stand custom made by my incredibly talented ceramicist friend and former roommate, Zoey. She even painted our cats onto the stand!

reception decor at becker farms
black and white of bride's parents entering reception
groom's parent's entering reception party hand in hand
flower girls walking into reception together
bride wearing short dress with groom for grand reception entrance

Liz: “My reception dress belonged to a family friend and originally it had a long full skirt. I knew I wanted something short for the reception so we had the seamstress cut the skirt short and take off the lace peplum waist and that was that. Considering how hot the day was, I’m really glad I had a short dress!

bride and groom kissing in the reception area
black and white of bride and groom laughing during father of the bride's speech

Zack: “All of the speeches were wonderful and really pinpointed how we are really good together and everyone knew we would get married.

head table doing champagne toast after speech at reception
maid of honor delivering heartwarming speech to the bride
black and white of father of the bride cheering during reception
bride and groom cutting cake at becker farms reception party

Liz: “We used my parent’s wedding cake knife to cut our cake, which was a beautiful moment.

black and white of bride and groom performing cake cutting ceremony
bride and groom kissing after tasting cake together
man playing guitar and woman singing

Liz: “Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors provided the music and lyrics for ‘I Like to Be with Me when I’m with You.’ Our dear friend Katy sent me the song back in 2012 and it just stuck as the ‘Zack and Lizzie song.’ I had made a playlist of potential first dance songs and we listened to them all but this one was always the one. I asked my brother, Matt, to learn it on guitar to play it for us and my friend Chloe to sing. I loved hearing Matt play guitar growing up, and Chloe is a fabulously talented singer in addition to being an amazing friend. The combination of the two of them playing it was incomparable. The first dance was such a beautiful experience. I’m so glad we had Matt & Chloe performing it because it made an already special song even more so. Special shout out to my friend and former roommate, Steph, for letting us borrow her guitar!

bride and groom smiling during first dance
bride and groom dancing together at becker farms reception
bride and groom smiling at guests during first dance
bride and groom hugging reception musicians
bride and father dancing together at reception

Liz: “I’m not sure how Big Star’s ‘Thirteen’ became my dad’s and my song, but music has been a really important piece of our relationship. Whether it was Springsteen or the Beatles or George Strait, our bond is forged in great music and always has been. In my high school yearbook in the baby picture section, my dad used a lyric from the song as my quote. The song has always been ours.

bride crying during father daughter dance
bride and her father hugging

Zack: “My mom and I danced to Kenny Loggin’s ‘The House on Pooh Corner.’ It was really nice dancing to something my mom used to sing to me as a baby to help me fall asleep.

groom and his mother smiling at each other as mother son dance begins
bride and groom walking between rows of apple trees at becker farms
bride and groom holding each other and smiling at sunset
bride and groom kissing in center of apple orchard
bride and groom sitting on wooden trailer in a field
bride and groom hugging and smiling at the camera
bride and groom gazing at each other in a field at sunset
bride and groom strolling hand in hand through apple trees
bride and groom outside kissing
wedding guests having fun on the dance floor at reception
black and white of bride and groom walking through sparkler send off
bride and groom kissing during sparkler send off at night

Some great advice from Liz: “Weddings are stressful AF. It’s so easy to get caught up in family politics and trying to please everyone, but the day is about 2 people: the bride and groom. For the most part, everyone else is irrelevant. That being said, don’t be afraid to delegate! Get your bridal party involved and even if they’re small things like scheduling nail appointments or an eyebrow waxing, if it’s less stress on you as the bride and can be handled by someone else, let them help. I am so grateful for everyone in the wedding party and my family who all chipped in with preparations and setup and the DIY pieces.

And in conclusion, some very sweet words from Liz and Zack about working with us: “Working with Jenn and Ben is an amazing experience. They are so grounded and dedicated and for us having a wedding party of 16, you need a firm hand on the reins. The vision they have for their photography, to tell a story through pictures, is the exact mindset you want in a wedding photographer. Pictures that may be posed never feel canned or corny, and they capture all of the joy of the day in gorgeous pictures you will be glad to have forever. They’re also a beautiful example of a happy and strong marriage, which is such a great vibe to have for your wedding day! We can’t sing their praises highly enough.

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Wedding Vendors Include:

Venue: Becker Farms
Hairstylist: Sarah Chatham
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Look: Men’s Wearhouse
Invitations: Minted
Florist: Lipinoga Florist
Cake: Becker Farms
Music: Saxman Slim