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Savannah and George’s wedding day was so lovely in every way. I’m a huge fan of photographing classic Buffalo landmarks like Marcy Casino and Hoyt Lake, so I really enjoyed the locations they chose. I also LOVE a good sparkler send off, so photographing S and G as they ran through a tunnel of sparklers along the lake was one of the highlights of my entire season! Also, guys, check out the amazing florals by Wild Blossom Hollow!!  Is she incredible or what?! I’m always stunned by her talent. That ceremony arbor is just incredible!

It’s so wonderful to work with couples who really understand and value what we offer. The most important thing to Savannah and George was to end up with photographs that capture all the emotion of the day, the beautiful human connections taking place all around them. In my opinion, that’s the very best part of every wedding day. I love what we were able to capture for these two adorable people, and I love the words they shared to accompany the photos! If you’re able to take the time to read their words as you scroll, it’ll be worth it!! :)

wedding invitation suite with perfume bottle and jewelry

Savannah: “It was a beautiful, slightly cloudy day on June 18, 2010 in Buffalo, NY. I was hanging out with my friend Sally getting ready to go to Rockin’ at the Knox at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Sally and I ended up getting 4 free tickets but due to such short notice we couldn’t find any of our friends to accompany us. We decided to eat dinner at Delaware Park to hopefully find someone to give those extra tickets to. That’s when Sally saw 2 guys walk by (George and his brother, Joe) and [we invited them to go in with us]. It was so adorable when George and I started talking, like something out of a movie, because we were sitting under a tree listening to the band play and just really connecting with super great eye contact and smiles! As the concert was winding down we all decided to go to the Tudor Lounge to have a few more drinks! I drove and I can still remember like it was yesterday, looking in the back seat at George and his huge arm muscles leaning on the car door thinking that he was the most handsome man I’ve ever seen! Before leaving the bar, George quickly asked me for my phone number and without any hesitation I gave it to him! I knew I wanted to get to know him better and couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night! A couple weeks went by before George ended up calling me. I actually had to think about who ‘George’ was when he told me who he was on the phone. When I remembered I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach, knowing it was the start of something great!

bridesmaid buttoning the bride into her dress

Savannah: “I knew looking at pictures online that Morilee by Madeline Gardner would be the designer I would choose. All the dresses she makes are super romantic and the Alencon lace she uses is spectacular! I also always had a feeling that I would find my dress at the Bridal Chateau. As a young girl driving around with my mom, every time we passed that salon I couldn’t help but stare and wonder what wonderful dresses they have inside. The first shop I went to had some good contenders but nothing was 100% right. Bridal Chateau was the second salon I ended up at with my mother-in-law and my Maid of Honor. Even just seeing the dress hanging up in the dressing room before I even put it on, I already knew it would be my dress! I didn’t cry that first time I had it on but I didn’t want to take it off! Me being the picky person I am decided to check out another salon before making my final decision but every dress I was putting on I was comparing to that one at the Bridal Chateau. I went back there with my dad, tried on a couple more before putting that one back on and then immediately knew that was the perfect dress for me! Morilee by Madeline Gardner dress #2820!!

black and white photo of the bride smiling and holding the locket around her neck

Savannah: “We really wanted to concentrate on each other and our love for one another so sticking to traditions wasn’t too important to us. I just wanted to make sure that I had a picture of my mom and dad in a locket that I could wear the whole night to feel like they were celebrating with me!

details of the bride's locket necklace and bouquet from wild blossom hollow
portrait of bride with her veil on and holding bouquet

Savannah: “It wasn’t a complete surprise when George proposed. We went ring shopping a few month’s before he popped the question. He proposed on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 and that morning I knew something was up. We were trying to save all the money we could for our move to Hawaii and before I even started getting ready for work he asked me if I wanted to go out for a fancy dinner that night. I just had that feeling that he was going to ask me and I was so nervous that I forgot my badge to get into work, painted my nails on my lunch break and couldn’t concentrate on anything that whole day! When I got home we headed out to the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora for the most romantic dinner ever! We ended up getting a seat right in front of the fireplace and the food was delicious! I really thought he was going to propose there but he didn’t. On our way home he asked me if I wanted to take a walk at Delaware Park which I immediately said yes to even though it was FREEZING outside! We parked on Nottingham Terrace so we could walk over the twisty bridge to go near Hoyt Lake. I was surprised when George suggested to go to the left in the darkness but agreed. When we came around the bend I noticed some lights on the ground near the water. I asked George what that was and when we got closer I could see that it was tea lights that spelled out “Will you marry me?” and they were FLOATING in the water!!! It was seriously the cutest thing ever!!! He took my hand and started saying some really cute things to me and told me that I am the best part of his morning and the best part of his day when he gets home and how he really loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me! Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After that moment his sister popped out of her hiding spot (she took a couple pictures) with 3 glasses and a bottle of champagne so we could toast to our engagement!!! It was such a magical night!!!

detail of wedding bands and engagement ring
groom adjusting his cuff link

George: “After hectic morning setting up the seating for wedding, I got ready and meet up with my groomsman and headed to the hotel for the First Look. My bride, who was running behind, had me waiting, but it was worth it to finally see her in her dress. She looked beautiful.

bride and groom's first look at reikart house hotel
bride and groom kissing in front of fireplace mantel
bride and groom posing together after first look
bride and groom posing in the lobby of the reikart house hotel
wedding party posing under the grand island bridge
bride and bridesmaids smiling with their bouquets
bride and groom facing each other underneath the grand island bridge
groom and groomsmen posing under the grand island bridge
black and white of bride with bridesmaids smiling at each other
bride and groom holding hands by the water
wedding party lined up under the grand island bridge
ceremony decor and flowers at the marcy casino

George: “Before Savannah was about to walk down the aisle I could see her threw the trees at the top of the stairs, and got a rush of excitement for what was to come.

bride standing at the top of the stairs at the marcy casino
bride walking down the aisle

Savannah: “The actual act of marrying George was the most special thing I’ve ever got to experience! Seeing George waiting for me as I walked down the aisle was the best feeling in the world! In that moment, there were no doubts or fears, just pure joy and excitement that I was about to marry the most perfect man for me!

black and white photo of groom looking lovingly at the bride
bride and groom standing together under the floral arbor by wild blossom hollow

Savannah: “When I look at George I see such a strong, caring, devoted man who really only wants the best for me and everyone he really cares about. He’s always looking out for my best interest. Being together for so long we have this unconditional, family type of love and I don’t know what I would do without it anymore!

bride smiling at the groom during the ceremony
black and white of bride and groom's parents looking on during the ceremony
best man handing the wedding bands to the groom during the ceremony

George: “When I look at her I see one of the purest hearts, and I want that in my life forever.

groom placing the wedding band on the bride's finger
bride laughing during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom i do kiss at the marcy casino
black and white of bride and groom holding each other and smiling under the floral arbor
bride and groom celebrating as they walk up the aisle
black and white of bride hugging a wedding guest
groom's parents mingling with wedding guests
black and white of bride laughing with wedding guests
photo of marcy casino from across hoyt lake at delaware park

Savannah: “I really enjoyed the alone time my husband and I got while walking around Delaware Park with Jenn and Ben to take pictures after the ceremony. It’s definitely worth it to steal those moments for yourself! It was especially special for us because we were able to walk to the spot where George proposed and relive those moments we shared together!

bride and groom strolling hand in hand through delaware park
bride and groom laughing together next to hoyt lake
bride and groom sitting on a bench together at delaware park
side by side portraits of the bride and groom at delaware park
bride and groom dancing in the park
bride laughing while groom hugs her
portrait of bride gazing at her bouquet by wild blossom hollow
bride and groom walking the path together through delaware park

Savannah: “We value love a lot! If you can’t have love in your life it doesn’t feel complete. We also value adventure and believe that experiencing new things really helps you grow as a person and as a couple!

bride and groom smiling at each other
bride and groom standing together in a wooded area
bride twirling her dress next to groom in delaware park
bride and groom in front of hoyt lake across from marcy casino
bride and groom posing together in delaware park
bride and groom smiling at each other at the park
bride and groom dancing with people at the park near hoyt lake
black and white of bride and groom walking up a path together
reception decor inside of the marcy casino
bride and groom grand reception entrance
bride and groom smiling together during speeches
maid of honor toasting bride and groom during speech
best man delivering speech to bride and groom
bride and groom giving speech of thanks to wedding guests
bride and groom cutting cake from ohlson's bakery
bride and groom kiss in front of wedding cake
bride and heading heading down steps outside
bride and groom dancing under patio tent outside marcy casino

Savannah: “We choose to dance to Tim McGraw, ‘Watch the Wind Blow By’. It took us a while to find a song that really fit us as a couple and couldn’t have been happier with how we felt dancing to it! It’s so true that all we wanna do is let it be and be together to watch the wind blow by!

groom twirling bride during first dance
bride and groom's first dance at marcy casino
bride and groom laughing together during first dance
bride and groom hugging on the dance floor
shot of bride and groom dancing through leaves
bride and groom kissing during first dance together
young wedding guest playing lawn games

Savannah: “Being able to dance with my long lost friends who made it out to celebrate with me was such a fantastic feeling! With good true friends, it honestly doesn’t matter the amount of time spent apart because when we get together again it’s like nothing changed!

wedding guests having fun on the dance floor
bride and groom next to hoyt lake at sunset
bride and groom sitting on steps near hoyt lake
black and white portrait of bride and groom on steps outside

Savannah: “Even though it was a little rushed to get everyone down by Hoyt Lake to do a sparkler send off, I’d have to say that was one of the best memories I have of that night! George and I were so scared about being set on fire that we literally ran through the bridge of sparklers the first time!

bride and groom running through sparklers at sunset next to hoyt lake
silhouette of bride and groom by hoyt lake at sunset

Savannah: “The one piece of advice I would give to couples planning their own wedding is to make sure you have a good, well thought out plan on how you’re going to get the space decorated. It might seem a little overboard to map out where everything will go in pictures and diagrams but we honestly wish we would have been a little more on top of things for our venue. Less is not more when it comes to this aspect of planning!

Some kind words from Savannah about working with us: “It was very easy to work with Jenn and Ben! They are both the nicest people and have such a creative eye! The photography was honestly the one thing I was not worried about after finding Ayres, and the results are fantastic!

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Wedding Vendors Include:

Getting Ready Location: Reikart House Hotel
Makeup Artist: AmandaLee Shamrock of Teez Salon and Day Spa
Hairstylist: Ashley Fletch
Dress Shop: Bridal Chateau
Dress Designer: Morilee by Madeline Gardner
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Look: Men’s Wearhouse
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Marcy Casino
Officiant: Michelle Snyder of YellowBird Wedding
Invitations: Shutterfly
Florist: Wild Blossom Hollow
Cake: Ohlson’s Bakery
Cake Topper: Etsy
DJ: H&H Entertainment