The Best of the Wedding Sparklers and Fireworks // Happy 4th of July!!

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There’s something truly magical about sparklers and fireworks. Maybe it’s the nostalgia they bring. Memories of being small children and running through the darkened yards of our neighborhoods with something bright and beautiful and a little dangerous. Maybe it’s the way they bring people together; how you can light a hundred sparklers from the sparks of another. Or maybe it’s just the reminder of the sweet, intoxicating feel of warm summer nights, holding your loved ones close while the sky is illuminated in a way that only happens otherwise during an extraordinary lightening storm. Whatever the reason, sparklers and fireworks hold a dear place in the hearts of us Americans. And perhaps that’s why we see them used so often during a wedding send off. They are a visual representation for the excitement and joy we feel for the happy new couple, ready to embark on their new life together. They’re the perfect ending to a beautiful beginning.

And with that, we give you some of our favorite sparkler and firework photos from over the years. Some brand new and some from way back when. We are honored to have been able to freeze these brief and beautiful moments in time, captured at the end of a day filled to the brim with emotion and love and adrenaline, surrounded by family and friends. Because really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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