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All you have to do is take a quick scroll through Jordan and Travis’s gorgeous fall wedding to see why we loved everything about their day. From the beautiful details to the amazing setting and the ideal weather, an incredible one of a kind gown from Ali at Anatomy and a killer white end-of-the-night jumpsuit and we’re all heart eyes over here. Not to mention that none of this beauty would have even been possible without this truly special couple, surrounded by their closest family and friends, all of whom could not contain there joy and excitement at the thought of these two tying the knot. At the end of the day, after the speeches have been given and the cake has been eaten, that’s what it’s all about, folks. Two incredible people who took this day to pledge not only their love, but their faithfulness, their honesty, their ups and their downs, their happiness and their sadness to each other, and the unending, abundant joy that radiates around them from the people who love them most in the entire world.

The amount of love that Jordan and Travis have for each other, and the love that their family and friends have for them as a couple, is everything that embodies what a wedding day should be. I hope you get all the feels while you’re scrolling through their special day. Read along with their love story to get to know them just a bit better and I bet you’ll see exactly what I mean.  :)

Jordan: “Travis moved to Buffalo in December 2014 from Virginia Beach and we met at work! I knew it was love at first sight. We were both working late one night; we started talking and one thing led to another. It was late, probably 8 or 9PM, and we agreed to go to a late dinner at Zoe’s. The dinner went great! We both knew we had found our person. After dinner, we sat in the parking lot and talked late into the night.

Travis: “I always knew I wanted to ask Jordan to be my wife on New Year’s Day. I believed she would think it would happen on New Year’s Eve so I figured it would create some suspense. Initially I wanted to propose at Zoe, where we had our first date. I even called Jordan’s sister to try and plan it out but ultimately I wanted it to be more private. We went to dinner on New Year’s Eve and I had a feeling she was thinking she was going to get engaged that evening. Jordan always recalls our ride home that night. We had one of our best conversations to date about the future, about our relationship, our goals, our plans, etc. The night ended and Jordan went to sleep. At about 3AM, I went to out to enact my plan. I bought 50 candles and went to bed. The next morning, I had Jordan’s sister call her to distract her while I scurried to the bathroom. On the bathroom floor I spelled out in candles, ‘Will you marry me?’. Thankfully her sister distracted her for 20 minutes because I was having problems with the candles! I went to get her and told her to close her eyes, guided her to the bathroom and stood behind her as she read my message. I dropped to my knee and had the ring in my hand, asking her to be my wife.

Travis: “I want to spend the rest of my life with Jordan because she is incredibly selfless, loyal, and the most thoughtful person I’ve ever been around. These were all characteristics that I knew my person would embody and they describe her to a T. She allows me to be the best version of myself, but holds me accountable and balances my personality. She is stunning and exactly the type of person who I always dreamed of marrying.

Jordan: “Travis is my dream guy. I knew from the moment I met him that I was going to marry him. Travis has the most amazing presence about him, people just gravitate to him and love to be around him! Without a doubt, he had made me a better person. He is kind, loving, thoughtful, sweet, and silly. He is reliable, loyal, hard working, a family man, and so intelligent. I love everything about him and I truly can’t believe he picked me!

Travis: “Jordan and I love to enjoy life together. We absolutely love to travel and have been to Boston, Baltimore, DC, NYC, Orlando, Austin, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, the Outer Banks, and of course Hilton Head Island together. When we aren’t exploring we both love to workout together which is a good thing because we are big foodies!

Travis: “We value family the most. I am adopted and I am incredibly blessed to have been given the life I have. I look at how close Jordan is with her sisters and parents and it matches my core values. We love to spend time with each other’s families and will travel across the country to ensure we never miss big events. We also value time together. We love learning and growing in life with one another!

Country Clubs make for some seriously gorgeous photo ops! Click here for more!

Wedding Vendors Include:

Ceremony: St. John The Baptist Church
Reception: Park Country Club
Hair: Care Frandina
Make-up: iLashNY
Dress and Veil Designer: Ali Eagan of Anatomy
Bridesmaid Dresses: Katie May
Bridesmaid Dress Shop: Bella Bridesmaids
Groom’s Look: Incognito Menswear
Florist: Michael’s Floral Design
Cake: Carly Richter
Decor and Stationary: Beck & Forth Co.
Trolley: Buffalo Trolleys