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Jess and Matt met at the birthday party of a mutual friend. They talked and danced the night away and even had their first kiss! To top it off, they actually lived in the same NYC neighborhood too!! A match made in heaven and the rest is history, right?? Well, not exactly. They parted ways under the faulty impression of disinterest. Thank God for those mutual friends though because exactly one year later, at that same friend’s birthday party once again, they reconnected and the fire from the previous year kicked back up into high gear! Now, the rest is history :) Actually, the rest is right here in this adorable post! Read on to hear more about how Jess and Matt finally went on a first date, fell in love and one very special day decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jess: “Matt and I set up our first date a few weeks after that second birthday party, (it was around the Christmas holiday) at a nearby Peruvian restaurant in our neighborhood. It was the best first date either of us had ever had! We talked and laughed for hours – there was a real connection and attraction between us. The next 6 years got even better :)

Jess: “The day before my birthday, Matt took me to dinner at the restaurant we had our first official date, followed by a drink at the bar where we rekindled our romance after that very first year. Then on to the place we spent his birthday our first year together, which was a pivotal night in our relationship. Then to the place we danced the night away the very first night. (I obviously could feel something special was going on, beyond a normal birthday celebration…). We walked home and grabbed an apple pie from McDonald’s (same as night one) and kissed on that same corner. We got back to our apartment to lit candles and a very intimate moment, with my favorite question I have ever been asked! My answer was an obvious yes!!!

Jess: “We love to spend time together. We are perfectly happy hanging at home watching our favorite shows. We also love to have friends over to play cards. We have been to several baseball games together; Matt is a huge fan! We recently went to Minnesota for a 30th birthday celebration to visit family and the Twins Ballpark, as his dream is to visit all the ballparks.

Jess: “We bring out the best in each other. We want the best for each other. We do whatever it takes to support each other. Those things are what keep our relationship strong and last and we believe in it. We are family! The love we share is real and deep <3

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