margaret + joe // Times Beach Nature Preserve

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I’m finally getting around to blogging some of my 2016 favorites, and I really wanted to share Margaret and Joe’s session because I loved everything about it. They are just the sweetest couple, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. We started out at Amherst State Park, which was where Joe orchestrated a super romantic surprise proposal complete with twinkle lights and candles. The bendy tree in the fourth photo is where it all went down!  They also wanted a waterfront location, so I suggested Times Beach Nature Preserve. If you live in the Buffalo area and you haven’t been there yet, you really need to go!  I just discovered it last year, and it is now one of my favorite spots to hang out. I can’t get over how beautiful it is, and there is so much wildlife and nature to take in. Margaret and Joe shared a little bit about how they met and fell in love, and what their life together is like, so be sure to read their story as you check out the photos! :)

Joe and I were neighbors when we were kids and he was our paperboy which is how I learned who he was. But it’s wasn’t until his sister and I had French exchange students who were best friends that we talked for more than a couple minutes. After one of our double family dinners (his and mine and the Frenchies) the rest was history.”

Our first date was the St. Patrick’s day parade. We were together for 13 hours that day. After the parade we went to Spot Coffee where we talked for so long we had no idea it was dark outside. There was something about him that I knew I never wanted to be without.

We have been together for six years and it has been the most fun. My favorite thing is that we could be disagreeing over something and then the next minute we’re laughing.

“While we are getting married in Buffalo at Christ the King Chapel (reception at The Foundry), Joe and I live in Pittsburgh now where he is working towards his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and I work as a Digital Communications Coordinator for the Ellis School.”

We are looking forward to getting our dog, Moose, in a few months! A puppy can only add more love to our goofy home!